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Over the last decade, the way in which recruitment companies acquire candidates and place candidates has changed dramatically. A change in job is now spoken about as the best way to progress in your career, and for that reason people are looking for, and companies are having to recruit for more placements that ever before.

This change in the job market has coincided with the shift in the digital landscape. The way in which candidates and clients are looking for jobs/placements has changed just as significantly. Microsoft’s recent purchase of LinkedIn for £26 Billion shows just how much these two industries have influenced each other, we now find ourselves in a world where clients, candidates and recruiters alike need a digital platform to be seen and heard.

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What does this mean for our recruitment business?

Whilst the vast majority of recruitment companies have recognised that a digital presence is a necessity, few have understood just how important dominating the digital landscape is to the future success of their business. Furthermore, even fewer have mastered the online avenues that exist to them to get ahead of the game.

With that negative, comes a huge positive. The recruiters that can learn & evolve at this crucial period will see vast opportunities for the taking. The problem holding back the innovators is simply a knowledge gap, and that’s where we can help. In an ideal world, Digital Ethos and companies around the world would prefer to avoid recruitment fees and manage everything in-house. However, the reason recruitment companies exist and thrive is down to the exact same knowledge gap that exists when you’re trying to search for the best talent to join your organisation.

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As an SEO Agency Digital Ethos can help improve your organic visibility in search engines for recruitment related keywords in your area. We only work with one company in each area so get in touch today to start driving more leads to your website with our Recruitment SEO services.

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