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Digital PR.

Build incredible awareness through engaging stories

All Eyes On You.

Reputation, recognition and communication. Three must haves for businesses looking to grow; and easier said than done.

You’ve got a unique story to tell, but attention spans are short and information volume is at an all time high.Breaking through the noise and building visibility is not only challenging, it’s time consuming. But what’s the answer?

Simply put – Digital PR

Let's Talk Digital PR.

The Impact Of Digital PR.

A well executed Digital PR strategy will craft engaging content, Develop a consistent narrative for your business and help establish influential relationships. Through this, not only will you see improvements in brand visibility and recall, but also long term in trust.

By telling your story through PR, you can achieve great publicity and ensure that your brand gets seen by all the right people.

We create digital PR campaigns based on your customers’ needs to produce satisfying media coverage. We have the data-driven insights to draw conclusions on what people are reading.

If that wasn’t impact enough, Digital PR also supports SEO. Through creating engaging content that is picked up by high ranking websites, you’ll benefit from backlinks to your website. Helping build your own authority and climb the Search engine rankings too.

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How We Do It.

Creating newsworthy content
Our team of PR specialists will spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and outs of your brand. We’ll identify opportunities to write entertaining and informative press releases whilst including all the good stuff like brand mentions, statistics, quotes and hard facts. Digital Ethos will craft high quality, exciting content that piques the interest of both your customers and the media.
Crafting a bespoke media contact database
Our digital PR team has a wide database of media contacts that is continuously updated and organized depending on genre and location of the publication. Once we have your story’s hook, our sole aim is to get it published in the media to maximize its reach.
Building personable journalist relationships
As well as an extensive list of media contacts, the digital PR team also prides themselves on their relationships with journalists. This means that when we have a story to shout about, we are their first choice. With a feature on their news website, newspaper or magazine, with of course a link back to your own website, you’re well on your way to having your brand firmly in the spotlight.

Our Process.

Ideation & research.

Working with the wider team, we will build and develop your key messages to translate this to your audience.

React & respond.

We will layer our strategy, responding to inbound journalist requests and reacting to trending topics to create a conversation.

Draft linkable press releases.

Our assets will use unique data and the right news hook to capture the attention of journalists in the crowded media landscape.

Media relations.

We will establish tiers of target publications and build relationships with key journalists and bloggers.

Outreach .

During outreach, we will raise and support both brand awareness and positioning the business within the broader conversation around your market.

Your Digital PR Agency.

As PR Specialists, we are dedicated to help your business maximise it's visibility and opportunities. Through sophisticated, data-driven digital PR campaigns, we build and execute successful digital PR strategies based on your customers’ needs.

If your goal is increase your reputation, recognition and communication then you need look no further.

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