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Planet Positive


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People & The Planet.

Businesses being a force for good is something we strongly believe in. Whether it's a positive impact on our staff, the planet or the people on it every action we take has an impact. And we are committed to ensuring that our impact is a positive one.

Our People.

We are dedicated to creating a positive work environment where everyone feels supported, valued, and included and where hard work is recognised and rewarded. Our commitment extends to offering competitive salaries and a flexible work environment, coupled with an array of excellent staff benefits that we continuously evaluate and expand.

Investing in our employees’ growth is paramount to us. We provide regular training and support, encouraging people to take the time to explore the marketing areas of interest to them.

Employees have frequent feedback sessions with their managers and goal-setting opportunities. This approach empowers individuals to assess their own performance and actively engage in their development. Through this, we ensure fulfilling careers and progression.

To further enhance our support system, we conduct anonymous mental health and well-being surveys. By understanding how our employees feel at work through these surveys, we adapt our practices to better cater to their needs and ensure a healthy workplace environment for all.

Our Planet.

Climate change is an urgent and ongoing concern for everyone. Ensuring we work in an ecologically responsible way is one of the core values at Digital Ethos. We work with sustainable brands to become more forward-thinking when it comes to our plans. This is why we have partnered with Earthly to support their natural revolution mission with our aim to offset 100 tonnes of carbon in 2022 to help reduce our own carbon footprint.

Other initiatives include

We also work with a number of businesses whose mission is to support the health of our planet.

B-Corp Certified.

Achieving B Corp™ status is undoubtedly one of Digital Ethos’ biggest achievements, cementing our commitment to the environment, diversity, inclusion, society and bringing more happiness and fulfilment into the daily lives of all at Digital Ethos.

The process to becoming B Corp™ certified is intense. Companies must commit to and rank for, social and environmental performance. These positions are scrutinised and scored. You need 80 to qualify and we achieved 94.5, the average is 50.9.

In order to achieve B Corp™ status, we had to make a fundamental shift from being a profit-led business to one driven by purpose, demonstrating a commitment to accountability and transparency.

We will always champion social and economic best practices, sustainability and being a force for positive change. Every single person here at Digital Ethos firmly believes that places and people matter, and our approach to our clients and to each other will always reflect this.

Our Community.

We are proud to be part of the Leicester community and champion every opportunity to show our support. We have held fundraising events for a number of local charities in Leicester and London, as well as supporting our incredible team members who partake in their own events to support those in need.

As a business, we also support a number of organisations in the charity sector to grow and achieve their goals. Most recently, we have partnered with Great Ormand street hospital at our live event in London, and are continuing to support them with their most ambitious fundraising campaign to date.

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