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Who we are


A culture of inclusion and respect.

Our Stance.

We strive to create an open and inclusive space for everyone, actively removing potential barriers and unconscious bias.

We believe in hiring diversely: we are the best at what we do because we have so many different perspectives. It’s not about where you’re from, or what you look like. It’s about your talent and the great work you deliver.

No matter who you are, your race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, income, disability or any other base for prejudice, you are welcome here at Digital Ethos. We are proud to have created a business culture that is welcoming and transparent, and are committed to continuous improvement, as we grow and learn.

Our Promise.

To build and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce, we need to be prepared to evolve and change. At Digital Ethos, our approach is underpinned by agency-wide promises that we will uphold and update, no matter how much we grow and expand.

The Team

56.5% women

43.5% men

Senior Leadership

75% women

25% men

Team Leadership

66% women

33% men

Our Promise.

We will always hold ourselves accountable for everything that we do, allowing us to grow and improve. A digital marketing agency is fast-paced and quick-thinking, but we will ensure that we take the time to consider our actions and their impact, and to do and be better. This includes evaluating our current business structure, and identifying key changes that we may need to implement.

Our team is 50 strong and growing rapidly, with employees across the globe, having very different backgrounds and life experiences. We will always advocate for their best interests. Advocating for diversity is just another aspect of this, and something that we consider in everything from the initial stages of the hiring process through to performance at work. We aim to raise awareness, address the root causes of any problems and evaluate our current progress in all areas of the business, from management positions to executive roles.

We will always empower own-voices, and ensure that the right people are heard. This means that we will raise awareness and provide a platform for people to speak, rather than attempting to speak for them. We want to raise people up, and ensure that they have the support and the facilities that they need. Within the workforce, this means that everyone is given the resources and opportunities to grow and succeed, and to be truly happy at work. We prioritise implementing training and mentorship opportunities, and ensuring scope for conversation and discussion.


In 2021, we applied for B Corp certification. In 2022 we became a certified B-corp. This is just one more milestone in our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity.

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