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Ecommerce SEO.

Get your business in front of a converting audience

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Tired of missing sales opportunities?
Experiencing low conversion rates?
Need to hit your online revenue targets?

Maximise your sales & visibility with a data driven, ecommerce SEO strategy created to get your products or services in front of the right audience. We’ll develop a strategy to make sure your business shows up in the search results for the right customers and search queries.

Let’s boost those sales!

Let's Talk Ecommerce SEO.

The impact of Ecommerce SEO Services.

Your business could have the best website and offer the best products and services but if your customers can’t find you, they won’t sell. That’s why SEO for ecommerce is so important.

Our team of ecommerce SEO Experts will work on a strategy designed to ensure you’re reaching the right audience for your product and providing fantastic user experience through their sales journey.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services.

As specialists in ecommerce for SEO, we pride ourselves in offering a range of ecommerce services that are proven to generate success.

Technical Audit & Optimisation<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Technical Audit & Optimisation.

We will conduct a full ecommerce site audit to understand where your website is under-performing from both a technical & user experience perspective. The layout of an online store is just as important as the products!

Product and Category Optimisation<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Product and Category Optimisation.

Once we’ve understood your SEO objectives, data and sales copy really come into play! Optimised pages, categories and products are essential for helping the customer find their way round your store.

Conversion Rate Optimisation<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Using heat map tracking & Google Analytics we work to understand the customer journey from a User Experience perspective. We identify opportunities to implement conversion rate optimisation and therefore increase online conversions and make the sales funnel a smoother process.

Keyword Research<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Keyword Research.

It’s important to expand on a lot of your product pages and category pages. It’s no secret that long tail phrases are generally less competitive and also signal higher buying intent. We’ll look at sites like Amazon to see suggested searches to find trends to capitalise on. We select keywords based on search volume, the level of competition and the level of purchase intent.

User Experience<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

User Experience.

User experience starts when the customer first hears about your business, but when the rubber hits the road is when they reach your online store. Factors like page speed play a big factor in the overall ecommerce site experience, as well as buy button placement and of course customer flow as they move around your website.

Content Audit<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Content Audit.

We’ll look at your website’s product descriptions to identify duplicate content. Having the same product descriptions as another store that sells the same products leads to a low quality signal to the search engines and confuses Google on which content is more relevant.

Your Ecommerce SEO Agency.

As Specialists in SEO for ecommerce, we are committed to the success of ecommerce business. What ever ecommerce platform you use, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or anything in between, we’ll help you grow and succeed in this digital world.

Ready to smash those sales targets?

Our Ecommerce SEO Successes.

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