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Web Hosting & Maintenance.

Keeping your website in tip top condition

Secure & Reliable.

Websites going down or crashing can cost you business; that's the reality.

Visitors come to your website looking for your great products or services only to be met with an error page, slow load times or another error. It’s frustrating to witness. You’ve created a great website, only for these poor experiences to drive people away.

High-quality hosting and ongoing maintenance is the answer.

Let's Talk Web Hosting & Maintenance.

The Impact of Good Web Hosting.

In order to make your website publicly available, safe, and secure, you will need website hosting.

Website hosting refers to where your website’s data and files are stored, it is a remote server or host. The quality of who you host your website with has a massive impact on your website’s experience. We use high quality servers for our web hosting ensuring you get the benefits.
Faster Loading Times<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Faster Loading Times.

Good web hosting ensures swift loading times for your website, preventing visitors from getting frustrated and leaving. A fast website enhances user experience and keeps visitors engaged.

Reliability and Uptime<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Reliability and Uptime.

Reliable hosting providers offer high uptime rates, ensuring your website is accessible to visitors 24/7. This reliability is crucial for businesses, preventing potential loss of sales and credibility due to downtime.

Improved SEO<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Improved SEO.

Search engines consider website speed and uptime as ranking factors. A website that loads quickly and is consistently accessible ranks higher increasing its visibility to potential customers.

Enhanced Security<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Enhanced Security.

Secure web hosting provides robust security measures, protecting your website from malware, hacking attempts, and data breaches. It ensures the safety of your website and customer data.

Better Customer Experience<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Better Customer Experience.

A website hosted on reliable servers allows your customers smooth navigation and to make purchases without disruptions. This positive experience encourages customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Support & Technical Assistance<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Support & Technical Assistance.

Good hosting providers offer excellent customer support and technical assistance. In case of issues, having reliable support can swiftly resolve problems, ensuring your website remains operational and secure.

On-Going Support.

Like other aspects of your business, your website is constantly evolving. New pages, updates to any plugins, security updates, and the addition of new features; as you grow, you’ll want your website to grow with you.

Depending on how your website has been built and the CMS it uses, there are lots of things that you’ll need to do to maintain it, which can take time and effort. Our team of website specialists can help keep your website in the best possible condition, staying on top of any required updates and helping make small fixes as needed. If you need some technical consultancy, we’re more than happy to advise on the best route – just give us a call.
Website Tweaks<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Website Tweaks.

A few broken links or typos can negatively affect your Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll regularly scan your website for anything and fix them for you.

Cloud-Based Back-ups<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Cloud-Based Back-ups.

We take weekly backups of your website, keeping everything safe and accessible on the cloud. Should anything go wrong with your website, we can restore it to the previous backup.

Ad Hoc Website Tasks<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Ad Hoc Website Tasks.

Our web maintenance takes the responsibility off your shoulders, leaving you time to invest in your business. We carry out ad hoc website support tasks as and when you need them.

Web Based Updates<span style="color: #FD1577">.</span>

Web Based Updates.

Stay up to date with the latest versions of software. We prevent your site from slowing down with weekly plugin updates. This ensures maximum security and speed for your business.

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It is best practice to host, develop and register a domain all with the same company. At Digital Ethos, we look after everything to do with your website, from creating to maintaining. We keep all your hosting information in one place, creating simplified solutions without having to communicate with other agencies.

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