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RollaGranola were looking for a marketing partner to help them improve their websites conversions and boost their online sales.

The Client.

RollaGranola specialise in making gluten-free, refined sugar free granola based foods. They cater for a range of dietary and personal requirements including vegan, cereal-free, Keto and even nootropic products to give people the perfect start to the day.


The Challenge.

RollaGranola were looking for a Digital Marketing partner to perform Click Rate Optimisation (CRO)  on their website to improve purchases of their products & to develop two landing pages. The Audit highlighted that a high number of consumers were exiting before hitting a product page, drastically reducing the opportunity for them to make a purchase. It was also noted that the pages were suffering from

  • Unstructured content
  • Limited trust signals.
  • Speed to why their products are different to competitors
  • What value they bring to customers' lives
  • Designs currently lack brand details that stand out within a busy and competitive market place.

The recommendation was to fully re-design and re-develop the home page, product and category pages. This included new, targeted, creative copy.

The Approach.

The Digital ethos creative team were supplied with the CRO report and a creative brief on how the new pages should look. It was key that they addressed the issues highlighted, improving the overall customer journey and experience when they landed.


You can see from these images, some of the differences brought into the new designs, Including a better representation of the brand, alongside clear trust signals. Alongside being far more visually appealing.


Once designs were signed off, the Digital Ethos Development team were able to begin building the website in Shopify.

The biggest task we had with RollaGranola was building the new designs accurately and to a high functional standard without impacting the rest of the site. Since this wasn’t a complete rebuild we needed to ensure any new additions didn’t impact any remaining/current frontend and backend components, which when changing product pages & collection pages can become tricky. We also wanted to make use of the latest Shopify CLI to enable us to develop in a local/staging environment and only release to production when ourselves and the client are completely happy.

While the Development and Design teams were working on the look and functionality of the new website, the SEO team wrote new, focused content to help improve their conversion rates. Taken into consideration were things like language and structure along with  paragraph and sentence length. 

The results.

The client was very happy with the new website designs and the UX improvements that the development implementations brought in with the new website now live. 

Ad Revenue Growth
MOM Increase in transactions on Meta

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