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Swift Direct Blinds.​

Learn how Digital Ethos delivered increased conversions of 187% through a bespoke SEO and PPC strategy. ​

The Client.

Swift Direct Blinds first approached Digital Ethos as they needed urgent recovery from a poorly managed website migration.

The Challenge.

The ecommerce blind and curtain manufacture were hemorrhaging keywords and domain authority and needed urgent attention. Thereafter, Swift Direct Blinds wanted an aggressive SEO strategy to meet their hungry long-term objectives. PPC posed a new challenge for Swift Direct Blinds, having been managed with a simple structure, there were huge opportunities here to scale the channel.

Our Approach.

Search engine optimisation was already a channel that Swift Direct Blinds were familiar with, their marketing team understood the process and the value. Digital Ethos worked hand in hand with their in-house team in order to create an aggressive SEO strategy that would scale the website and the brand at pace.

The first hurdle was website structure, addressing a huge amount of 404 links, poorly structured breadcrumbs and a non-existent category structure. Once these basics were implemented, we had a stronger foundation for a scalable ecommerce website.

A huge amount of time was focussed on user experience and onsite content. The aim here was to build up the individual category pages to hold the domain authority, rank competitively and drive traffic. This mean redesigning the mega menu and main navigation, as well as restructuring the categories to make room for the all important ‘category descriptions’. Some of the tools used along the way included Hotjar, Google Optimise, Google Search Trends and Google Search Console.

A large proportion of time was dedicated to an offsite SEO strategy, securing high quality backlinks using sharable content. The recent boom in the DIY industry made sharing content easier than ever as there were more questions asked online, case studies and online forums in the industry than ever before.

The PPC strategy was to strip things back to basics and then re-build and scale the campaigns initially using generic keywords such “blinds” etc. Once we had enough learnings we continued to build out more campaigns based on categories such as Wooden, Venetian, Roller etc. Building out specific category campaigns helped us establish what type of blinds were being sold so we pushed products and scaled down on products that were not selling.

We also launched Google Shopping as a way of giving users the ability to see the product and price in comparison to the competitors.

The Results.

SEO - YoY Performance

Increase in organic revenue​
Increase inorganic transactions
Increase in organic website sessions​

PPC - Year On Year Performance

Increase in paid revenue​
Increase in PPC transactions
Increase in PPC website traffic​

Paid Social

Increase in website traffic
Increase in paid social transactions
Increase in paid social website session​

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