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The Client.

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland NHS were searching for a marketing agency to partner with to help them with their latest project. The project focused on mental health and involved asking people to take part in a survey that detailed the NHS’ plans to transform how mental health support is offered to those in need.

The Challenge.

The NHS approached Digital Ethos to get ideas on how they could reach the wider Leicester and Leicestershire community, increase awareness of their project and critically, get people to engage with and complete the survey



Our Approach.

Our primary strategy involved building as much awareness as possible for the NHS Mental health campaign during the early stages. To combine awareness and information with engagement it was decided that video was the perfect medium.

The Digital Ethos in-house videography team planned, recorded and edited a video designed to inform people about the project and to get them to take action. Our design team created a number of supporting animated case studies that were used alongside the video.

While our teams were creating the content, we focused on the best way of getting the NHS mental health project out to the community.

To do this efficiently and in the quickest way possible our campaigns concentrated on paid advertising channels. Social media ( Facebook and Instagram) was a primary focus for the campaign with an audience focused on those living in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

We also ran a series of remarketing ads through google display and YouTube to focus on those people who visited the website but did not complete the survey, in this way we keep the project and the survey front of mind.

To maximise awareness and reach, we also worked with Sky AdSmart. This allowed us to create a television advert that could be targeted to those living in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

We also reached out to local celebrities, to not only leverage their followers, but to use their influence to ease some of the stigma which is still linked to mental health and discussions around it.

The Results.

Throughout the campaign Digital Ethos continued to work very closely with the NHS, assessing the campaign’s success and tweaking the execution to improve results. Over the duration of the campaign, we achieved fantastic results.

Impressions across all channels​
Visits to the mental health website​
Survey completions

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