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By addressing website behavior and improving user experience, we were able to grow traffic to the renowned watch manufacturers website whilst improving conversion rate. Do not overlook the importance of addressing page design early on, there is no point throwing water at a leaky bucket, always start by patching up those holes.

The Client.

Accurist is a British watch manufacturer of renowned quality, style and durability.

Established in 1946, they produce a range of classic yet distinctive watches that are hand selected to exceed our customers’ ongoing needs, aspirations and trends.


The Challenge.

Accurist first approached Digital Ethos as they were seeing a steady decline in website traffic over the past two years, with a peak this Christmas skewing the growth trend. This decline was particularly present across Organic traffic as a channel, with little visibility over revenue tracking and what sources of traffic were actually converting.

Accurist Logo


Our Approach.

Our proposed multi-channel approach addressed all stages of the marketing channel; awareness, interest, evaluation and purchase. We worked with Accurist to remove barriers to sales, including uncertainty about product’s fit and value, lack of budget and the customer’s buying process. We started by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the user experience and re-building key areas of the website, including product listings, categories, search navigation and much more.

  • Following the website redesign, we focussed on category page content, allowing the website to rank for more variations of the product specific keywords, e.g Men’s black watches. Our KPIs included: Keyword Movement – monitor keyword positional improvements on targeted keywords.

  • Referring Domains – the number of backlinks we secure on reputable referring domains
  • Organic and Referral Traffic – track organic and referral traffic through analytics as we will be building visibility on organic search and on other domains.

  • Domain Authority Increase – track the increase in domain authority with the increase in referring domains.

  • Website Sign Ups – use analytics and other tracking software to see who signs up or enquires through your website.

The Results.

  • Almost doubled keyword rankings from 1700 to 3,200

  • 100 new page 1 ranking keywords

  • Improved domain rating from 12 to 35
Increase in online revenue
Increase in online CVR
Increase in organic CVR
Increase in average order value

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