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The Kids Festival.

With a short time frame, The Kids Festival were looking for paid social partners to help them reach their goals. Discover how we did it!

The Client.

The Kids’ Festival offers annual events tailored to children under 12, with professional providers running activities that are organised into two amazing days. The Kids’ Festival believes that ‘happy children make happy families’ and aims to elevate your quality time together and foster bonding experiences.

The Challenge.

Their latest event was taking place in March 2023, and they wanted to make it the best one yet. Fairly new to the world of digital marketing, they were looking for Paid Social specialists to help them reach their target audience and get more attendees to their event. They came to Digital Ethos with this project, and only two months until the launch of the event and a restricted budget.

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Our Approach.

During our initial conversation, The Kids Festival shared with us their key demographics. The Digital Ethos Paid Social team set about creating a media plan with these audiences in mind. Because of the average age profile of our target audience ( parents and grandparents of under 12s), the goal of selling tickets and our short time frame, our focus channels were the Meta platforms; Facebook and Instagram.

The media plan included the ad copy and outlined the total monthly costs, as well as predicted returned purchases and clicks.

Once agreed, The client provided us with creatives that complimented the ad copy, allowing the Paid Social team to A/B test which text and creative combination converted best. With such a short time scale, this was an essential step in ensuring maximum results for the client. 

Once the elements were approved, the campaigns went live.

The Results.

Early in the campaign the results were relatively slow. The team acted quickly, revising the copy to include more urgency. Furthermore, a conversation and review of the creative allowed us to bring this in-house.

The Digital Ethos creative team set about creating new visual ad elements. The channels chosen above highlight visuals, so having thumb-stopping creative is crucial to success. Using photography from the client and exploring their website and collateral, the team created two sets of imagery that captured the enjoyment of the day and colourful nature of the event.

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