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To support their plans for growth, &Sisters wanted a full rebrand and a new website to reflect their change in creative direction

To support their plans for growth, &Sisters wanted a full rebrand and a new website to reflect their change in creative direction. As their marketing agency, Digital Ethos took on the project to help elevate this fantastic band to incredible new heights. 

We designed new and exciting packaging, digital assets and brand guidelines, as well as designing and developing the website. 

&sisters Logo


Brand Development.

The Digital Ethos team first held a number of Discovery sessions that explored key areas with &Sisters including

  • Brand values, principles & purpose
  • Current branding
  • Future plans
  • Target audience
  • Competitors
  • Application of the brand

This communication allowed us to understand the values the client wanted to impart within the new branding, such as public brand perception, brand voice and how they would describe themselves. Once we had this information, we were able to pull together core themes that were either common answers amongst the attendees or kept recurring throughout the day.

Target Audience.

By working closely with the &Sisters team, we were able to paint their perfect customers. With this information, we were able to research each one, understanding the elements which would  resonate best not only individually, but collectively too. 

Competitor Research.

The female hygiene space is very competitive. While their offering and values separate them from the crowd from a marketing perspective, it was also important to allow them to stand tall creatively as well. We explore their competition and what they do & do not do well, all while getting a deeper understanding of what the brands in the space are doing. This is an essential step as the new brand they were creating for &Sisters had to walk a delicate line between being unique and not being so far from what is out there that it alienates new potential customers.

From here, we were able to understand popular colours, tones and the use of patterns and icons.

&sisters mobile example

Concepts .

Once we had a solid foundation, we were able to begin creating initial concepts and ideas. The first phase was to create mood boards, exploring colourways, patterns and new logos. Once we had feedback on the concepts, we used the most popular versions to create initial concepts.

These concepts were then submitted to &Sisters for feedback. We also used focus groups to get a better understanding from potential customers on what they thought of the new direction and provide us with an unbiased direction.

We then took this feedback and experimented with new ideas and concepts.

Following further feedback, and final tests, The new brand was complete. 

We then compiled everything together into a set of brand guidelines to ensure continuity for &Sisters moving forward 

An Exciting New Website .

In tandem with the new branding, work was also ongoing on a new website. The website was to incorporate the new branding, reflect the brand’s values and make improvements to User Experience. The &Sisters website was designed to deliver more of the company’s personality and brand values. It was important that the website appealed to the varied audience discovered during the redesign, so the site was designed with a clean, modern interface that uses photography to show the products. 

Our Development team began work to build the new &Sisters website. Shopify was the CMS of choice for this project due to its ease of use, the focus of the website being on e-commerce and the client’s familiarity with it.

As an e-commerce website, it is essential to provide customers with a simple process of adding products to baskets. Banners clearly show the products with buttons, while tiles flick between the packaging and the products themselves, helping to reduce any confusion and friction to purchase. 

As well as exciting new designs, we also explored the content across the entire website to ensure it was SEO optimised.

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