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Gemma Bullivant.

Through a comprehensive SEO campaign, a new website and optimised service pages, see how we scaled this consultant's digital presence from 0 to hero.

The Client.

Gemma Bullivant is a HR Consultant and a qualified and accredited executive coach who shares her skills and experiences to get the most out of people and improve their business results.

The Challenge.

Gemma Bullivant’s website was out-dated when it came to design, content and website conversion tactics. We were tasked with creating a new website that was modern, professional and engaging while simple and easy to navigate.

[Update] Since the completion of the website, we have continued to work with Gemma. We now focus on SEO and Email marketing to drive increased visits to the website and engagement.



Our Approach.

As a HR consultant, we first looked at the research around HR. Understanding common layouts, themes and colours that resonate with the target audience.

Using user profiles helped us come to a design style that was very modern but always approachable. It was important we used imagery of Gemma throughout, as she added to the welcoming feel of the website and gave it a unique warmth.

We used creative elements in the smaller details to keep a nice and clean aesthetic.

[Update] Once this was completed we moved on to exploring improvements to her SEO. We focused on improving the content of the service pages. The focus for each one was to push people who were mid-funnel, looking for a HR service provider, through to booking an appointment. To complement this, and capture question based searches, we also started a blogging strategy. The blogs explore the how and why questions people may have.

Email marketing is used to share insights with clients and potentials to help keep her front of mind should any situation arise. They are used to promote new blogs, podcasts or drive traffic to her own webinars. Demonstrating her experience and knowledge. 

Gemma Bullivant Mobile Optimised Website

The Results.

By incorporating Gemma Bullivant’s client appointment scheduling software in key locations and improving other CTAs throughout, the site has seen an improvement in conversions. We also created a better experience for using the contact form making it easier to make an inquiry.

The website design on a whole hit the brief set for us and the client is over the moon with the final outcome.


Since working with Gemma we have seen a significant improvement in her organic performance. Before working with us the website had a few sporadic rankings, for 1-2 key words. Since working with us we have managed to grow this to 55, and importantly keep the trajectory moving forward. We have achieved a yearly average growth in traffic of 236% since 2020.

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