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Acclaim Driving.

Despite a national pandemic, we took the Acclaim Driving marketing campaign to the next level. Explore how we scaled website visibility at an outstanding rate, with over 200% increase in website visibility and achieved a 48% improvement in conversion rate

The Client.

Acclaim driving are a nationwide driving school, with over 35 years of experience teaching learners to drive and training new driving instructors.

The Challenge.

Acclaim Driving partnered with Digital Ethos in 2019 in order to recover from a poor website migration, organic traffic had taken a huge hit and was dropping by 60% each month. 248 Page 1 keywords were lost totalling in a loss of 81480 search volume / monthly. Digital Ethos supported the rebuild of strong SEO foundations in order to gain rankings over and above where Acclaim was pre-migration.

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Our Approach.

We created a comprehensive SEO strategy, focusing initially on technical SEO, on-site SEO and content production to recover lost rankings. We started by fixing existing issues and tackling technical optimisation. We then shifted our priorities to building landing pages, content & blogs around question-based variations. Our content strategy allows us to create an ‘information centre’ whereby we continually add FAQ content that is topical and growing in search trend, this means that we can be both proactive and reactive to search queries.

The PPC campaign included a granular campaign structure based on locations and postcodes, allowing us to literally turn up or turn down the tap on potential enquiries across the UK. Our city specific campaigns and ads give instant exposure for new driving instructors, bridging the gap whilst the location pages gained rankings across the SEO campaign.

Paid social predominantly focussed on remarketing and lookalike audiences, with the main objective of increasing driving instructor signups. We remain creative and flexible around key seasons, promoting gift vouchers around Chirstmas holidays etc. We continue to work with Acclaim Driving School very closely and have helped drive a huge amount of traffic, leads and revenue through their website.

The Results.

Through continual review, strategy and adjustments we have seen a 12% reduction in CPA vs the previous period (Mar-June 22), highlighting we are moving toward success. Our next goal is to explore the required budget and activity required to reach 25-30 conversions per day.

Furthermore, through demonstrating value in PPC we are also expanding our offering to also explore the opportunities paid social has to offer.

Increase in website visibility
Increase in organic ecommerce transactions ​
Increase in PPC transactions
Increase in online revenue

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