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Discover how Digital Ethos are helped Nourished boost the success of their PPC Campaigns through a bespoke strategy.

The Client.

Established by entrepreneur Melissa Snova, Nourished’s goal is simple: Provide the world with truly tailor-made nutrition which is also 100% vegan, eco-friendly and delicious. Nourished takes the concepts of personalisation and individuality and applies them to health and wellness, resulting in a convenient and unique experience.

The Challenge.

Nourished came to Digital Ethos to help them with their Paid Advertising. The team had been running ads on google but struggled to reach a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) which resulted in profitability for their US-focused campaign. They needed an agency with experience in running google ads that could work toward achieving this objective and help increase the efficiency of their digital advertising.

Nourished Logo


Our Approach.

The team first did a full audit of their current ads to see what areas could be improved that would have an impact and support their goal. We adjusted their bidding strategies to better align with their target CPA.

Next, We explored their target keywords to isolate those spending ad budgets but not generate conversions. We either removed these words or added negatives to help increase the conversion rate. Finally, we conducted ad placement, ad combinations, and target location audits to ensure that spending was as efficient as possible.

As the main focus for the Nourished is eCommerce, we quickly established shopping campaigns through google as these will help shorten the customer journey to purchase and have a greater return on investment for eCommerce stores. 

The Results.

Through continual review, strategy and adjustments we have seen a 12% reduction in CPA vs the previous period (Mar-June 22), highlighting we are moving toward success. Our next goal is to explore the required budget and activity required to reach 25-30 conversions per day.

Furthermore, through demonstrating value in PPC we are also expanding our offering to also explore the opportunities paid social has to offer.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in keyword rankings
on page 1 of Google


Increase in total
ranking keywords

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