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The Bladder & Bowel Community.

the Bladder & Bowel Community were looking for a Digital Marketing agency that could help increase their digital presence Discover how we did it!

The Client.

The Bladder & Bowel Community is one of the largest online information hubs that specialises in providing medically-backed information on conditions, symptoms, remedies and insights for ailments related to the human bladder and bowel.

The Challenge.

The Bladder & Bowel Community were looking for a Digital Marketing agency that could help increase their organic presence and drive more traffic to the website. They also wanted an agency that could help them with paid social media – with a focus on increasing the downloads of their digital “Just Can’t-Wait Card.”



Our Approach.

The website was filled with helpful content; however, it needed some TLC from an SEO perspective. This meant that a lot of the content was talking around similar subjects, with no clear hierarchy resulting in keyword cannibalisation and damage to rankings.

We are addressing this by performing a full content audit. We went through and analysed the content on the website and highlighted where the cannibalisation was happening. From there, we made adjustments, including rewiring the content, adding Internal links and exploring the web hierarchy to negate this happening.

Throughout the project it became clear that a new website was needed in order to aid the achievement of their goals. Not only would this aid SEO and User Experience but it would also aid in over all conversion rates.

The relationship between Digital Ethos and Bladder & Bowel community is highly collaborative, with the team at DE proactively supporting the social strategy and digital marketing plans.

For paid social, we created two audiences. The first was those that were followed/engaged with Bladder and Bowel on Facebook or had visited the website. The second was audiences built through Facebook that met set criteria but hadn’t had any first-hand contact with the Bladder and Bowel Community. Each group would then see different ads.

The warm leads saw those with quotes and social proofing, asking them to share their experiences with the card. The colder leads focus on stats and tips to help build a sense of community, let them know they are not alone and then move through to the community.

The Results.

Our work with The Bladder & Bowel community continues to move forward. Work on the new website is underway and our focus organically remains on driving traffic, though as the campaign continues, we will place focus on improving their conversion rate.


Average conversion rate of 2022


Average growth in just-can't-wait
card downloads


Average reduction in CPA,
month on month

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