Why Dentists need SEO.

Do you want to rank no.1 for the search term “best dental clinic”?

We understand that each dental clinic and practice is different. We dive head first into your business, creating a custom analysis of you practice goals so we can drive the targeted traffic you are looking for.

As the digital world evolves, the way in which clients are looks for new dental practice has changed dramatically. Word of mouth referrals and local advertising used to be key to driving new business.

Now, however, the trend has shifted to online and voice search, term like “dentist near me” and “what is the best dental clinic” are used often. Your potential customers are using the web and other smart devices to search for everything at their fingertips. The simple fact is that, if you lack online presence, potential new dental clients will struggle to find you.

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How potential Dental customers are searching the web.

Your website needs to gran the attention of each user in their different stage of search, helping to convert them into a new client no matter what they are searching for. This can be defined in the digital marketing industry as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

Potential dental patients browsing the web will fall into one of the following categories based on their search intentions.

  • Research / Diagnosing…Users may be looking for a specific pain point or frustration they are dealing with like bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, cracked tooth, grinding teeth and so on.
  • Solution searching…Users think they know what they problem is and are looking for a solution that makes sense. A search like this might be “implant supported dentures vs dental implants”.
  • Purchase intention…Users that are shopping are usually typing in very specific treatments, often related to price, cost, affordability and availability.
  • Repeat purchase…These users will oftentimes type in very clinical terminology because they have been specifically treated by another clinic.

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As an SEO Agency Digital Ethos can help improve your organic visibility in search engines for the dental related keywords in your area. We only work with one company in each area so get in touch today to start driving more leads to your website with our Dental SEO services.

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