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The Client.

Established by two friends in London with a passion for great food and the planet, DabbaDrop is an independent business specialising in authentic, vegan & environmentally friendly, South Asian cuisine. Their business operates on a subscription model, where customers pay weekly or fortnightly and receive their meal in “Dabbas”. Their offering is truly unique, providing incredible, high-quality food and supporting our planet’s conservation.

The Challenge.

After seeing success, the team at DabbaDrop were looking for a new marketing partner to help take the business forward to the next stage. They have plans for growth beyond London, and ambitious subscription targets to hit. They needed a partner who could provide value and an omnichannel approach to their Digital Marketing to support this growth and set solid foundations for the future.

The Approach.

Before our campaigns began, we held two strategic workshops. Together with DabbaDrop, we explored their offerings, customer base, persona, KPIs, retention and the channels we mutually thought would deliver the best results. We also presented early creative ideas on how we tell a cohesive, compelling story.

Once the channels had been decided and a strategy defined. Work began. For Paid Social Media, this involved a review of the previous campaigns, imagery and keywords to analyse successful themes, timings and campaigns so we could make quick amends and start driving results while new creatives were in development. 

For our Paid ad campaigns on Google, our focus was on remarketing. Our early research indicated that people would shop around for a food subscription service, looking at price, regularity and variety. We wanted to ensure that DabbaDrop remained front of mind while new customers were doing these searches and remarketing; using images of their vibrant dishes was the perfect way to do this.

Both of the PPC and Paid social campaigns were underpinned by strong, strategically led creatives. Being a culinary business, strong, consistent imagery is key to the success in these channels.

From an organic social perspective, the team at DabbaDrop had an in-house team member looking after social with a wealth of experience and knowledge; the direction here was to support and refine rather than produce. Our team pulled together a calendar to help streamline the content creation process, focusing on key times of the year when sales would likely be at their highest. To increase interest and anticipation in the areas DabbaDrop were looking to launch into, we also leveraged food influencers in the areas of launch. The idea here is to engage with an audience of “foodies” who would enjoy the food’s quality and the environmental and vegan perspectives.

We also established automation for their email campaigns to improve customer touchpoints and retention, an important metric for subscription-based businesses. We also developed a monthly newsletter designed to reconnect the subscriber with the journey they had taken over the month, utilising DabbaDrop’s unique culinary experience. 

Our final area of focus is on PR. As well as gathering backlinks to help build their website authority, the focus of our PR was to bring the people behind this great idea to the front. While the great food and ethics are an excellent USP, it is the personality of the owners which truly separates DabbaDrop from the crowd. The approach covered both Digital and traditional PR.

The Result.

The campaigns are still in the beginning stages, but early indications are positive as we move towards an updated strategy.

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