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Bringing the Legal Sector Into the 21st Century

Making Legal Services More Accessible Through Digital Marketing

Technology has been on everyone’s radar for quite some time. With consumers spending vast amounts of their day on their smartphone, and companies using artificial intelligence to guide their branding decisions, technological advancements are shaping the world we live in, and making a whole host of services more accessible than ever before. While many industries have jumped into the digital landscape headfirst and many players now want to be known as ‘digital disruptors’, the legal world is way overdue for a digital refresh. 

Due to the ever-changing regulatory environment and the way in which the legal sector has been founded, the legal industry as a whole has struggled to capitalise on recent technological advancements. This has led to the legal industry encountering challenges and difficulties in attracting and utilising talent resources, with EY highlighting the importance of legal firms making use of external digital providers to fill those technological gaps. 

Clearly, technology has a key role to play in establishing the justice system as an accessible entity for all, and there are things taking place to ensure this. For instance, HM Courts and Tribunals Service has pledged to invest £1 billion to revolutionise its systems with the goal of introducing new technology and digital ways of working to the courtroom. The Ministry of Justice has also launched a £5 million innovation fund, promoting new ways in which the legal and support system can be delivered remotely through digital channels.

You Have the Right to Remain Writing Content

Content marketing is ruled in for 2020 and beyond. Content marketing will not only increase the visibility of your brand on key search engines, but will also forge lasting relationships with your audience and act as a key step in building brand awareness and recognition, yet not all businesses do it. Despite almost 75% of marketing experts conceding that content marketing increases their engagement with the customer, the legal sector is still playing catch up. With many law firms sharing the feeling that users simply wouldn’t be interested in reading law blogs or keeping up to date with the latest legal trends online.

We’re here to tell you that this is not the case. With the right content strategy and a little bit of creativity, any industry can create compelling content that seeks to engage the user and provide insightful company information. After all, the 3,000 average monthly searches for the term ‘legal news’ need to have somewhere to go. With the right Digital Marketing Agency, you can compose the right content for your users, backed up by data. Your agency needs to be able to research trending topics, competitor pages and top keyword searches to deliver your business top-quality results through top-quality content. After all, the phrase ‘content is king’ has come from somewhere!

Taking Advantage of eCRM systems

It is no surprise that having established relationships with your customers leads to higher retention rates and sales levels, however, you don’t need to go for a coffee with each of your customers to build a meaningful relationship. The world of digital marketing has changed the way in which businesses interact with their customers and has made it easier to maintain relationships with thousands of customers through complex databases. 

These databases are known as customer relationship management systems, or electronic customer relationship management systems as most of us know them now. Effective eCRM systems are able to increase the efficiency of processes while improving the interaction with customers to enable businesses to customise their services to meet individual customer needs. This then enables an interaction stream between the customers and it’s employees through web-based technologies. 

Making efficient use of eCRM systems will allow the legal industry to support their enterprise-wide CRM business strategies in one digital platform, taking advantage of customer relationship management at the next level to bring forward improved customer relations, service and support to essentially match customers to suitable offers and provide a more customised user experience.

AI Technology

AI technology does not have to be reserved only for those in the tech industry. Artificial intelligence is now being used as a marketing tool to attract and retain customers, among streamlining internal tasks and outputs. AI can be used in various facets of the legal industry including legal research, the reviewing of legal documents and contracts quickly, predicting future legal trends, and even using AI to automate the recruitment process, cutting down the number of applicants having to be interviewed. 

AI boats a number of tremendous benefits for businesses in any industry, and crucially, AI seeks to save businesses time, creating more time to work on the important stuff. These machines have the capacity to learn and evolve as you implement them, meaning that straightforward tasks, historically performed by lawyers can now be put into the hands of a diligent machine, a practice that will be further adopted by law firms in the years to come.

Email Automation

Email automation seems far from ‘revolutionary’ when it comes to technology. Email automation has been around for almost a decade, with thousands of businesses utilising its benefits every day. Those emails you receive after signing up for your favourite magazine don’t happen by chance. They are automated emails that act as an automatic email, triggered by user interaction, sending a specified email in the hopes to further draw in that user. 

What has become more advanced in the world of marketing emails is the rise of personalisation. Yes, personalisation can include writing a person’s name at the top of the email, but that’s just the start. There are a plethora of email actions that drive personalisation for almost every user. For instance, take a user who has signed up to your newsletter. The first step would be sending them an automated welcome email introducing them to the company and directing them to content that you are driving users to visit. What then? If this user seems to be particularly interested in legal services in the Leicester area, it will serve no purpose to send them an email including the ‘Top 10 Legal Offices in London’ as it’s completely irrelevant to them. Where sending them ‘The Top 10 Law Firms in Leicester’ is much more personalised and will much more likely result in a click and even an end conversion.

Internal Digitalisation 

Digital Marketing implementations don’t have to be confined to the external side of the business. There are many effective internal digital communication, performance and automation tools that can help your business to digitalise from the inside out. 

Digital legal services can include time-saving solutions for law firms internally, such as communications and culture software to bridge the divide and communicate effectively, synchronising important communications that reflect your organisation’s goals. Moreover, internal automation tools can enable lawyers to predict workloads and therefore they could fix the price of services rather than charge clients per hour. Ultimately, digital implementations act as time-saving solutions for your business, optimising performance and eliminating mundane tasks from your working life. 

A Digital Marketing Agency That is Right For You

Working alongside a Digital Marketing Agency is the first step in giving your business its much needed digital makeover and will act as a catapult for digital success. We have a team of Digital Marketing experts that are passionate about what they do. 

We take the time to get to know your business, acting as an extension of your marketing team and crafting bespoke campaigns that strive towards your goals, and we have a range of services available to help drive your marketing strategy. 

From SEOPPC, and social media, to web designPR and email marketing, we have a whole host of in-house digital marketing services and will guide you through the process from start to finish. We look forward to hearing from you!