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8 Tips For Running An Effective Digital Holiday Marketing Campaign

A digital marketing campaign is an excellent way to add value your business. Its use ensures that it has a strong presence online, especially during key sales periods such as Christmas or Valentines day
With some of the busiest and biggest retail periods around the corner, preparing for seasonal campaigns is an absolute mustBrands need to stay organised and have marketing activities ready for when the busy periods descend
In this blog you’ll discover eight useful tips you can use to effectively utilise the opportunity holiday marketing provides.

1. Create A Holiday Marketing Calendar 

Over the holiday period, 70% of British consumers are more receptive to purchasing from retailers they haven’t bought from before. This figure represents a significant opportunity for brands to optimise their holiday marketing. It is essential that brands are organised in their holiday marketing efforts and are in a stable position to respond to arising opportunities
Creating a seasonal digital marketing calendar can help marketing executives stay organised. Using a calendar, brands can

2. Focus On Targeted Campaigns 

In the lead-up to busy holiday periods, consumers are looking to purchase with intent. They have a purpose, and are far more receptive to marketing which aligns with their shopping goals. Which means understanding their specific needs is all the more important.   
Creative and tailored content, delivered through appropriately targeted means, will engage with consumers and build trust and awareness in the brandThis can be achieved by understanding relevant areas of interest and trends through spikes in traffic to certain pages and wider analytics. Additionally, by using specific tones and messaging, brands can deliver content effectively.    

3. Use Cross-Channel Marketing 

The most effective holiday marketing will build a strategy using a variety of channels for a seamless marketing experience. Cross-channel marketing can
  • Maximise the reach of a brand’s marketing activity
  • Heighten audience engagement levels
  • Work to promote the brand through potentially new avenues. 
Brands can further optimise content and digital marketing activities using analytics from each channel. Using analytics, businesses can understand which channel are performing best. This could be in terms of engagement or highlighting potential for improved reach. You can then reassess strategies ahead of larger retail occasions.  

4. Make It Memorable  

Adding a personal touch can go a long way to creating a lasting impression on consumers. This can be particularly powerful if brands reflect the values and experiences shared by their consumers.
Brands can create memorable experiences through creating personalised marketing efforts. This could include personalised discount offers or gifts for subscribers. They can also use data-driven strategies to target audiences based on whether they are first-time or loyal consumersThis data will allow for the delivery of compelling messaging around the value and vision of the brand and how customers support this.  

5. Use Paid Ads To Expand Your Reach  

Holiday social media marketing is extremely popular. Using paid ads can be an excellent way to push a brand’s content to the forefront of the holiday marketing buzz. Paid ads can be implemented across a cross-channel marketing strategy on a multitude of social media channels
Paid ads can also be tailored to reach specific audiences by adjusting details such as age location, and general interests. This increases the potential of a brand’s marketing strategies for conversions and engagement. 
As cost-per-click prices and competition rise closer to large retail occasions, brands should monitor spend closely to maintain their visibilityThroughout the holiday period, brands must keep an eye on product counts and ensure to pause paid ads when products sell out.  

6. Generate Excitement     

In the lead-up to busy holiday occasions, brands must have a diverse range of interesting content preparedTo do so, brands should be considering a public relations approach that can work alongside holiday marketing campaigns.
Press releases are compelling devices that work to build excitement, raise brand awareness, and broaden the reach of a campaignUsing relationships with journalists in various publications, PR can work to achieve a brand’s holiday campaign targets by generating positive press and consumer excitement, using digital efforts to drive backlinks to a brand’s product pages from credible websites

7. Drive Interest With Seasonal Assets

Tailored creative marketing assets are now an expectation from consumers. It is crucial that brands have interesting and appropriately themed creative assets across their marketing channels. Attractive visual assets work to inform and entertain consumers. driving interest and information retention for your holiday marketing. 
Uniformity throughout cross-channel marketing messages can also work to create a seamless customer experience, increase retention of key messaging, and enable consumers to quickly receive the information they were searching forCreative visual assets should be taking advantage of seasonal events.They have huge potential to increase engagement and interaction with consumers and ultimately drive conversions

8. Take Advantage Of Holiday Occasions

November through to December is stacked full of holiday occasions. Smaller retail occasions earlier in the year are perfect for testing out strategies ahead of the main holiday seasonsBy taking advantage, brands can try different digital marketing strategies, work out any issues, and identify where improvements and optimisation need to be done.
Brands should also not be too quick to pass on post-holiday activity. Online consumer spending will remain high throughout the period. Brands can stand out with tactics such as extended discount offers, end-of-season sales, and altered shipping and returns policies to best appeal to consumers. A further tactic is to look at extended PR activity beyond holiday occasions. Using data-driven insights from the sales period to generate newsworthy content and increase brand awareness

Spread the festive cheer

Remaining visible and competitive during busy holiday periods can be a challenge for any business. Preparation and the implementation of compelling holiday campaign strategies are essential. If you are interested in elevating your holiday marketing this year, reaching new results, hiring marketing specialists can be the festive solution for all your brand needs.