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You Have the Right to Decide! Online vs Offline Marketing for Law Firms

You Have the Right to Decide! Online vs Offline Marketing for Law Firms?

The legal sector is one that has been known to be very ‘set’ in its ways over the years, with many law firms showing no intentions of moving away from their analogue system, with no signs of changing. While other industries have continuously stayed at the forefront of innovation and have been ‘keeping up’ with the times, the legal sector seems to be late to the digital movement.

Digital has the potential to drive real change in how legal services are made and delivered, and while the legal sector does have the option to digitalise the way they work, for example, opting for all video-based and having evidence and communication digitalised, it’s important to understand that there is a grey cloud when it comes to which aspects can be moved over to digital and which work better in the traditional offline system.

The prospect of digital transformation does create many benefits for the legal sector, including the core factor that now is the best time to stand ahead of the crowd and compete, particularly with the majority of legal firms within the sector falling behind. With that being said, it’s important that the sector keeps up with other industries rather than favouring the more traditional ways of working and communication methods.

If you’re a legal firm guilty of falling behind and are looking for ways to digitalise, then you may want to read this useful guide on what the pros and cons are of using both online and offline marketing for your sector.

Online Marketing

With 2021 bringing no clear endpoint to uncertainty, businesses from all sectors will need to push towards methods of online marketing in order to continue operating without their traditional face-to-face system. The legal sector is thought to be separated from other industries who are operating digitally, which is why many legal firms may not feel the need to digitalise.

However, this year, businesses have been encouraged to shift their focus from short-term solutions to long-term digital transformation. With the legal sector generally behind with the world of online marketing, there is no time like the present to start competing and go digital, and where there is a will, there is a way!

Be Seen

While a lack of advertisement in previous years has worked for the legal sector, people can no longer rely on word of mouth to choose their solicitor or lawyer. With digital technology evolving combined with the rise of globalisation, many of us now revert to using search engines to find what we are looking for. The added benefit of using search engines from a customer standpoint is the ease of use and how simple it can be to find what you are looking for in a matter of minutes – or even seconds!

As an example, when searching for something in particular, we are most likely to jump straight over to Google and search for “Solicitors in Leicester”. With the use of a great SEO campaign, you are more likely to be seen by those requiring your services and you can even be at the forefront in comparison to your competitors. Statistics published by National Law Review shows that 96% of people will search for legal services online, with 74% of client prospects viewing the website and then phoning up.

Another great benefit is that Google Search results can show reviews of other customers who have used your business to provide increased trust and transparency when it otherwise may be difficult to gain.

Become a Knowledgeable Source

As you are reading this, you have most likely found us through Google Search results and are reading this blog to (hopefully!) answer some questions you have surrounding online marketing for the legal sector.

Content really is key, and with approximately 409 million users viewing more than 20 billion blog pages each month, and 77% of internet users reading blogs, according to OptinMonster, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for Content Marketing!

Content Marketing is one of the most effective SEO tactics available to businesses and with the legal sector known to be complex, this means that a large proportion of the general public will be looking for questions surrounding legal areas –  with 96% of people seeking legal advice first using a search engine to find legal information. If you’re regularly writing blogs to discuss new changes in law or to answer commonly asked questions within the sector, then guess what? You’ll be on your way to becoming a knowledgeable source for your viewers to read!

The main benefits of Content Marketing are that you’ll be able to very easily increase the visibility of your brand, develop long-lasting relationships with your audience and also improve brand awareness and recognition. The only drawback to this method is that it really does help to have your content optimised for search engines, as well as how important it is to be consistent and regular with how often you upload content to your site.

Easy to Measure Results

For anyone working in the legal sector, you’ll know that numbers and the facts are important. With online marketing, a great advantage is that thanks to Google Analytics, you’ll be able to analyse online marketing campaigns and really track how well your online marketing is doing.

As many legal firms are hesitant to take the leap with going digital, having the ability to utilise insights and analytics means that you’ll be able to see what is or isn’t working. This provides safe reassurance that you’ll be able to hone your strategy and only deploy marketing methods that bring you the best results.

Affordable Way to Gain New Clients

Marketing has to be one of the most affordable methods of gaining new clients, with marketing becoming a small investment with massive opportunities. Like all businesses, legal firms need to be marketing themselves in order to attract new potential clients and reap the benefits.

Offline Marketing

The traditional form of offline marketing can include cold calling, direct mail or visiting business exhibitions, however, this does come at a cost – and a large one at that! Unfortunately, offline marketing can generate highly inefficient conversions which can make it difficult to target the right people.

Offline marketing can be vague and despite having a wide reach, these methods provide no control over who you are targeting, with an uncertainty of the success of your campaign. Unlike online, offline marketing doesn’t grow with time and may not generate you a great number of results – if any. It can be costly to find an offline marketing method to suit you.

Digitalise Your Legal Firm

Over the years, it has become clear of the importance that online marketing has to many industries, and the legal sector is no different. Moving forward, your legal firm should strive to improve turnover, gain more clients, and attain an improved return on investment.

With the right digital marketing strategy, it is possible for firms working within the legal sector to lead the way and become a catapult for digital success with legal marketing services. We rest our case!