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Why Paid Ads Are Worth The Investment

Why Paid Social Ads Worth The Investment

During the pandemic we were confined to our homes, meaning people spent more time on their phones on social media, so much so that 30% of users globally said they paid more attention or interacted more with social ads during this time. In fact, paid social ads across Instagram are set to reach around 1.8 billion people in 2022 alone, whilst Instagram’s paid ad reach increased by an impressive 21% in 2021. Despite Apple’s IOS 14.5 update changing how Facebook can target audiences in terms of limitations, this isn’t something businesses should be afraid of. 

There are benefits of both organic and paid social, but they definitely go hand in hand to create a successful marketing strategy. 


Organic vs Paid Social

Organic social helps your business to increase brand awareness and build relationships with your audience, whilst paid social then helps you to further target your ideal customers. However, organic social media isn’t the only way to build awareness, as paid social ads can also do this. 

The difference between organic and paid however, is that organic almost nurtures a relationship with customers where an audience is already established, whereas paid social can better reach new and larger audiences, whilst being able to break them down into specific demographics and behaviours. Therefore, paid social can also help to expand into audiences that you may not have been able to reach organically. Yet, it is important first to identify goals and what you would like to get out of paid social ads. Would you like to raise awareness, increase traffic to your website, or generate leads by asking your audience to fill out a form? 

The Power of Paid Social

Paid social ads enable you to generate quick results, with helpful data that can be used to make future decisions for your business success. Although, it is also crucial to have patience with paid social ads in terms of trying and testing what works for you in order to maximise results. An advantage is that it can also provide data on the users interacting with your ads, in terms of the device they are using, the region they live in, and a segmentation of results based on age and gender. 

Overall, one of the main advantages of using paid social ads in your marketing strategy is the ability to re-target, as organic social doesn’t have this capability. For example, you have a customer that adds a product to their cart, and then abandons that cart. With paid social, you have the ability to target those that have abandoned the cart, where the ad will then reappear on their Facebook feed, for example. 

Understandably for any business, paid social can seem daunting at first, but with the correct strategy in place it can really accelerate your business and generate some really interesting and insightful data – and with social media continuing to expand at the pace it currently is, it is even more important to think about how paid social can be integrated into your marketing strategy. 

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