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As a skilled PPC specialist with over four years of experience, I create targeted and strategic PPC campaigns by conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing ad performance, and analyzing data-driven insights to maximize client ROI. I stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and bring a unique combination of analytical rigor and creative flair to deliver […]

I’m a PPC consultant with 3+ years of experience supporting clients in their digital marketing efforts across an array of different industry verticals. My passion lies in helping businesses expand their digital footprint and connect with their ideal audience to achieve even greater levels of success. I’m a creative thinker and strategist, always on the […]

I’m a PPC consultant with over 7 years experience in the agency world. I’m passionate about helping businesses grow their digital presence and reach their target audiences. I’m a creative thinker and a strategist who is always looking for new ways to reach and engage audiences online. Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor adventure activities […]

I have over 6 years agency & freelance experience working with both small and medium sized businesses grow their business specialising in Paid Search, Shopping & Display in both domestic & international markets.