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As a videographer, I’m all about telling a story and making that story look great. With a background in photography as well, I have a portfolio of work from a range of industries and people telling their stories and having a good experience in the process. Outside of work you can find me out in […]

As a creative I love working through the entire design process from start to finish, using my skills and experience to bring a brand to life. Outside of work I enjoy reading, photography, watching documentaries and hanging out with my cat.

I am a highly creative person who loves to collaborate as part of a team to create the most engaging and creative solutions possible. I love working on all sorts of projects and I am always up for a challenge.

Passionate about delivering creative, strategy and design that is commercially impactful, creatively inspiring and culturally valuable, I head up the talented creative and social media teams at Digital Ethos. Away from the laptop you can find me relaxing with my greyhound and watching pro-wrestling from around the world.

With a background in product design, I use my creative skills to design social media content as well as help out with community management for our clients. Outside of work I love to bake, travel and down a few cocktails!