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Sustainable Brands to Support in 2022

Sustainable living is more than eating plant-based foods, going paperless, and reducing your plastic waste. It’s about adopting green habits and making conscious choices to preserve the future of the planet.

Although when we think about living a sustainable lifestyle, we believe we need a serious lifestyle overhaul, environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries. It rather means being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.

If you have always wanted to become more sustainable but are not sure where to begin, we do recommend researching UK sustainable brands which create easy ways to become more sustainable through everyday actions.


With an ambitious aim to create a climate-positive world, Earthly is a B2B carbon offset platform encouraging businesses to invest in the fight against climate change and to become climate positive.

Their movement aims to help businesses discover low-impact alternatives to products and services that they use every day. 

Digital Ethos is partnered with Earthly to become more forward-thinking when it comes to our plans. This is why we support their natural revolution mission with our sustainable marketing.

Last year, we aimed to plant 250,000 trees in partnership with Earthly, and if you attended our very own Growth Festival, you’ll know that we planted a tree for every attendee. In 2022, we are committed to planting another 50,000.


As the UK’s first dedicated, ethical marketplace and lifestyle app, GoEthical brings ethical, artisan and preloved products, all under one roof. The app is designed to make ‘ethical’ the new standard, not just in the UK but also worldwide, by revolutionising ethical consumerism.

Customers can easily explore and buy verified high-quality, ethical, unique artisan, and treasured pre-loved items within a few simple taps, in a unique single, interactive, social marketplace. Also, sustainable businesses with ethical values can sell on the intuitive app and meet like-minded customers in a friendly community.

Every GoEthical user will have their own storefront within the app with a rating system and their own followers to keep tabs on what the seller is recently advertising. Buyers and sellers can instantly connect to share experiences, ideas, and concepts.

Search for products you love and support your favourite brands in an easy and convenient app that lets you explore the content you love. The best thing of all, the app boasts no registration fees, no subscription fees, and no listing fees.

Smashed Grapes

If you’re like us and love a splash of Merlot, or you’re perhaps more into Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec, you’ll love everything about Smashed Grapes.

With a good wine guarantee and even the ability to try before you buy, Smashed Grapes makes great wine accessible in a way that benefits the planet and local wine producers.

Smashed Grapes plant one tree for every 8 cases of their wine that is purchased, offsetting their entire carbon footprint that includes farming, production, bottling, shipping & your delivery, too. By teaming up with Ecologi, they plant enough trees every day, to proudly be 100% carbon neutral. Not to mention all of their packaging is recycled & recyclable!

Did you know? With the average £5 bottle of wine, only 31p goes towards the contents of the bottle and the wine producers. That’s after-tax, duty, packaging, logistics, and of course, the retailers’ profit. Unlike many of the wine suppliers we all buy from, Smashed Grapes stocks wine that gives back to the local producers in the most ethical way.


Looking to future-proof your business with a net-zero carbon footprint? With a mission to help businesses respond to climate emergencies, Emitwise has supported many professionals accelerate their transition to a net-zero carbon world.

Their unique technology empowers companies to drive emission cuts through their operations and supply chain, enabling them to meet carbon targets faster and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

With their unique AI technology, companies around the globe have been empowered to measure, report, and reduce their carbon footprint across their operations and supply chain.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a new app with the sole aim to fight food waste and to sell food at a discounted price that is either close to its sell-by date or that the retailer wasn’t able to sell. The app connects hungry Brits with food chains and supermarkets that sell leftover food for a discounted price that would otherwise be thrown away. 

While you aren’t able to choose what is in your order and every Magic Bag is a mystery, it’s a great way to help the environment, save delicious food and fight food waste. The app has seen many users grabbing £15 worth of groceries for just £3, although food bundles do vary in price depending on where you shop.

The main restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets partnered with Too Good To Go, include Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Greggs, Costa Coffee and Starbucks, as well as local businesses looking to reduce their own food waste.

The app allows you to search for restaurants and supermarkets nearby on a map so that you can easily work out what food is nearby. Find a Magic Bag, reserve it, then pick it up at your allocated time.

As of February 2022, 9 million Magic Bags have been saved, and 18,187 businesses have been able to reduce their food waste using the app. One meal saved is equivalent to 2.5kg of CO2 prevented.


While there are big-name apps out there that offer a fast online food order and delivery service, these apps do have expensive fees between 10% and 40% per food order that can really set you back. With the growing demand for food delivery orders, this can result in longer delivery times of over an hour, or even long queues for customers collecting their order.

Found Lifestyle is a purpose-fit solution that enables restaurants of all sizes to focus on what matters most. Your customers will find you through the app and will then have a choice to eat in or takeaway, removing the hassle of offering a delivery service.

For restaurants, this means reaching new customers that are willing to collect their orders. All they’ll need is your menu, then you’re up and running. Found is free for your first four weeks with a small transaction fee thereafter. For customers, this means less waiting time, fewer errors, and fast interaction.

Found have also partnered with Feeding Britain to join the zero hunger movement. This means that with every order, Found will donate a meal for those in need. At the moment, Found is the only food ordering app that has the unique selling point of fighting hunger. Found also have plans to combat food waste when they branch out to the Middle East.


Known as the search engine that plants trees, Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to non-profit organisations that focus on reforestation and planting trees around the world where they are needed most.

Thus far, Ecosia has already planted over 100 million trees in Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain and other biodiversity hotspots around the world. Plant trees while you search the web, and for every search, you’ll be removing around 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

If you’re wondering how Ecosia is able to generate the funds to plant trees, it’s a lot more simple than you’d think. They use profits from searches to plant each tree and publish their tree planting receipts every month so that you can follow their journey to a reforested world.

Just visit Ecosia to start your web searches or download the Ecosia Chrome extension.


Billions of us use our credit and debit cards each day. If only there were a way that every payment could generate a positive impact on the world around us at no extra cost? Fortunately, that’s where Novus comes in.

Novus is an intuitive banking app built to create a real impact with every payment. They work collaboratively towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

When setting up your Novus app, you’ll be asked to choose which causes you’d most prefer to support. You can choose from saving animals to planting trees, alleviating world hunger to protecting the oceans, empowering minorities to provide shelter, plus much, much more.

You’ll be rewarded for having a conscious lifestyle and will be able to explore and connect with ethical and sustainable brands around the world.

Ocean Bottles

Ocean Bottle has created a solution to the ocean plastic crisis that everyone can be a part of. Their Ocean Bottle campaign aims to support the livelihood of people living on the front lines of the ocean plastic crisis, while their sole aim is to stop ocean waste.

Ocean Bottle sells their own eco-friendly that keeps cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. They are made from double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel and recycled content. All funds from the bottles sold go towards places of the world where plastic pollution is at its worst. And, every Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection of over 1000 plastic bottles.

As of February 2022, Ocean Bottles have collected over 3,711,378 kgs of plastic that would otherwise be thrown into the ocean. Their ultimate mission is to stop 7 billion plastic bottles from entering our oceans by 2025.

Sustainable Marketing with Digital Ethos

In today’s world, consumers look for companies that stand for sustainability and have a real purpose to make a positive difference.

Marketing has a carbon footprint too, which is why it’s crucial for digital marketing agencies, like us, to take a stand. We need to adopt new ways for our clients and our own operations to become sustainable and environmentally friendly with green marketing strategies.

If you have any sustainable brands you’d like to shout about, we’d love to hear from you!