Recognising International Women’s Day 2023

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8th March, 2023


March 8th marks a very important day: International Women’s Day! This year we join UN Women and the United Nations in raising awareness under the theme DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, which honours the women who are driving the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.

So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we at Digital Ethos want to take a moment to honour and recognise the women who make our company and industry thrive. 

DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality

DigitALL Innovation and technology for gender equality

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we spoke with some of the women who work at our company to hear their thoughts on what working here means to them and what International Women’s Day represents.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“Bringing power and equality to women across every industry and role.”

 Sophie, Head of Client Success

“International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all women who have broken stereotypes and changed perceptions. It’s time to celebrate women in leadership positions and support other women for their achievements.” 

Toma, Senior Technical SEO Consultant 

“For me, it is such a hugely important platform and a significant day for all women, and it feels incredibly meaningful to be able to be part of this. 

International Women’s Day provides a platform for women to speak about their experiences and achievements, promote and encourage women, highlight changes that still need to occur within industries and society and educate people. “

Lauren, PR & Content Executive

“Celebrating the success of how far women have come.”

Dhanisha, Social Media Executive

What does working at Digital Ethos mean to you?

“Working in an exciting and fast-paced role across varied clients, without judgement and having my voice fairly listened to.”

 Sophie, Head of Client Success

“I love working in Digital Ethos as we have a great diversity of people who work from different countries. Which means we have a great understanding of the insides of different audiences all over the world.” 

Toma, Senior Technical SEO Consultant 

“Working at Digital Ethos as a young female has provided an affirming start to my career in Digital PR and within Digital Marketing as a whole, particularly as the culture is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. For me, it is particularly encouraging to see women in managerial and senior leadership roles and to be able to learn from their guidance and expertise on a daily basis, from running departments to taking the stage at industry events. 

What’s more, is that the clients we have been working with have enabled us to have progressive and inclusive conversations around traditionally stigmatised topics within the office. Overall, at Digital Ethos, I feel respected within the role that I am doing and comfortable and able to open a dialogue about important issues that affect women without fear of judgement. “

Lauren, PR & Content Executive

“It means that I can grow and develop my skills with a lovely team that supports me.”

Dhanisha, Social Media Executive

What are the most memorable campaigns you’ve worked on?

“Crisis comms are always interesting campaigns, the urgency keeps me on my toes! I also really like working on paid social campaigns where we AB test different creatives or audiences. Testing a hypothesis and analysing the data is a really satisfying process to guide the client through.”

 Sophie, Head of Client Success

“I have worked probably on all accounts that Digital Ethos had, and I would say there were great ones. Yet the most exciting ones would be the businesses we helped to become climate-positive businesses.” 

Toma, Senior Technical SEO Consultant 

“Most notably, I have recently worked with a client to produce a detailed white paper on Women in the Manufacturing Industry, and the research and completion of the project was an incredibly insightful experience for me.

Overall, this has been a rewarding experience because the campaign enabled me to work with a client on an incredibly important topic and become part of the conversations happening to incite change. “

Lauren, PR & Content Executive

“Flutterwave ads, M&S ads, the baking forum website since they enabled me to express my creative flair.”

Dhanisha, Social Media Executive

What was your source of motivation in your career path?

“I started in an internal communications role and I realised I was so far away from the customer and that my input wasn’t really having an impact. Moving to a smaller company, in a client-facing role allowed me to really make a difference in guiding the customer through their marketing campaigns.”

 Sophie, Head of Client Success

“From a young age, I have been always interested in website designs and search engines, which lead me to work in SEO. Analysing data, building marketing strategies and fixing technical errors were always what I have loved doing. Working in a Digital Marketing Agency means there is no single day the same, and it’s what I love about it.” 

Toma, Senior Technical SEO Consultant 

“For my career, I aspired to have a job that would provide me with an interesting career path, where the day-to-day varied and I had a certain amount of autonomy over the creative tasks. But I also desired a career path that would keep me motivated and inspired by the work that I could do to change and encourage conversations around important topics.

Since joining Digital Ethos, I have been incredibly inspired and motivated by my manager Saffron Shergill, and colleague Hannah Blencowe, who have been incredible pillars of support and wisdom. They have enabled me to develop my understanding of not only the job role and tasks involved to help further my career, but through them, I have also developed an understanding and insight into the Digital PR industry as a whole.“

Lauren, PR & Content Executive

“Gaining experience and being able to work with a range of clients so that each day is different when working.”

Dhanisha, Social Media Executive

Together, We Persist

This International Women’s Day, we are committed to continuing our work to support women’s rights and empowerment – for ourselves and our clients. From highlighting women’s achievements to supporting women’s organisations, we believe that every action we take can help create a more equitable and inclusive world for all women.

At Digital Ethos, we work to create a culture of inclusion and diversity, and we invite others in our industry to join us in this effort and celebrate the women who make our companies and our world a better place

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