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Feature: Want to be a Technical SEO Consultant? Here are Tips to Get You Started

In a recent feature for SheCanCode, a leading platform for women in tech, our Senior Technical SEO Consultant, Toma Valciukaite is lending her expertise. Toma has provided tips on how to become a successful Technical SEO Consultant, from advice on what skills are needed to the questions that may be asked in an interview.  

Check out the full article on the SheCanCode website here

Why do Companies Hire Technical SEO Consultants?

In the article, Toma discusses the reason why companies hire Technical SEO Consultants and the important role they play in enabling a company to attract more users to their website and encourage more conversions. 

In her own words: “Technical SEO is an important process that is instrumental in ensuring that a website is effective, user-friendly, fast, and visible. As such, the role requires a specific set of skills and companies will rely on Technical SEO consultants for a variety of tasks to improve the website.”

On the type of skills needed to become a successful Technical SEO Consultant, Toma said: “Becoming a Technical SEO consultant requires a strong understanding of the technical aspects of SEO, as well as practical experience in implementing Technical SEO strategies and conversion tracking.”

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