4 reasons why video marketing is a necessity for social media

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Avatar Kiran Kaur

14th September, 2022

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In doubt about whether to invest time and effort into video marketing? The simple answer is: Yes. 

Not only are most social media platforms encouraging video usage, but users LOVE them too! So why is this? 

Here are four reasons why video marketing is a necessity for social media.

Videos Explain Things Better

When thinking about creating a video, ask yourself, does it educate, entertain or inform the end user? In doing so, you are giving the end user a reason to watch your video and, in turn they will gain from your content. 

Furthermore, a video enables you to explain. For example, if you have a new product you’re launching and you need to showcase your product, a video will allow users to explore the product and gain more from a video than just a still picture. 

An astonishing 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their products or services (Wyzowl survey). 

Facebook revealed that social media users take 2 seconds to decide whether a video appeal to them. So, ensure your video is of a high standard to capture your audience’s attention. 

Video Marketing Is great for explanations

Video Engages Even the Laziest Social Media Users

68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to articles (Wyzowl). Some may call this laziness or maybe just intelligent. 

Videos can be consumed very easily. Users hardly have the time to go through lengthy and boring product descriptions, videos come as the saviour and can also convert in sales. 

86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up another 2% from 2021 and up 5% since 2019. (State of Video Marketing Survey 2022)

Higher Engagement Rates

We’re all guilty of passively scrolling through our social media feeds and only the most compelling content tends to capture our attention.

Well-tailored content can drive engagement and communication with your audience, giving your brand an aspect of reliability, trust, and honesty – values important to consumers looking to connect with a business.

If you think about it, the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. So, if already pictures can boost engagement massively, imagine what videos can do for your business.

Video Marketings impact on Search

Google Loves Videos

Google loves video just as much as us users. It pushes video content right to the top of the search page. An example of this is below. 

Google gives ranking priority to pages that have videos. So not only is video a wonderful marketing tool, but it’s a powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy as well. 

Video content enables users to trust your brand, which sometimes on social media can be quite challenging. Integrating video marketing into your social media strategy will be sure to improve engagement rates!

From content creation to product marketing, event presence to social posts, and even sales conversion. Video marketing will boost all of these and launch your marketing to the next level!

Start using video in your social media marketing

We’re sure by now you’re feeling inspired to explore how video on social media can start working for you. If you would like some support, then reach out to us! We’re experts in social media marketing and video creation so we can support you in utilising these platforms to help you reach your goals!

Let’s start the conversation! 

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