Exploring The Challenges

Of Remote Working.

10am | 24th November 2022

What's it all about?

The pandemic may be behind us but its impact is still being felt. Perhaps one of the largest impacts is the change to our work habits, specifically remote working.

It is a subject that continues to fuel debate and can be quite divisive.

The question is, is it as good as most employees think? or is it as unproductive as a lot of employers keep telling the world?

Join us as we discuss the benefits, the drawbacks and the challenges that remote working involves, both for employers and employees.

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Your Speaker

Jason Aiginitis
Head of Digital Marketing

I have has been agency side for more than a decade and have worked with a wide range of clients across the globe. My specialisms sit in the automation and performance of paid channels though have experience across the marketing mix. Outside of work, I love podcasting and cooking!

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