Understanding Google Search

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22nd March, 2016

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Google Search – What’s to understand?

We’re all familiar with Google and the vast majority of us will probably use the search facility each and every day. But, how many of us actually understand Google Search and how it works?

For the majority of Google users, this isn’t important. However, if you’re trying to make the most of Google marketing and digital marketing, it’s vital that you understand Google search and how it works. After all, there are some 60 trillion individual pages on the web (a figure that’s growing everyday!), so understanding how Google Search works is the first step to ensuring that your content gets seen.

Google Adwords

The section at the very top of your Google search results is where you will find Google Adwords advertisements from businesses targeting the keywords that have been searched for. Everytime someone clicks on one of these results, the advertiser will pay Google for the traffic that the ad has brought to their site.

If your company invests in Google Adwords, this is where your link will appear when anyone searches for one of your paid keywords.

Organic Search Results

Next up are the organic search results. This is where you’ll find all of the websites that meet the search criteria. The order of the results depends upon a whole host of factors – and the aim of digital marketing agencies offering SEO is to get their clients to the top of the list as these are the links that those searching are most likely to click on.

How does Google find its search results?

To begin with, Google crawls the web, following links from page to page, and sorting all of the pages by their content. The results are then stored in an index.

Next up, the search engine uses a number of programmes and formulas to deliver the best and most relevant results possible every time a search is made. So, when a term is typed into the search bar, Google’s algorithms start looking for clues that will give a better understanding of what the search might be looking for. This information is then used to pull the relevant pages from the index.

But how does Google decide what comes first?

Well, the results are ranked based on over 200 factors, including relevance, as well as the quality of the site and the page!

So how do I rank highly?

Once you understand the how Google Search works, it’s then time to implement a strategy to ensure that you rank as highly as possible. The search engine’s algorithms are constantly changing, and so it’s always advisable to call upon the services of a digital marketing agency to ensure that your Google marketing strategy is relevant, effective, and successful.

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