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As PR Team lead it’s my job to ensure we are providing clients with an in-depth PR strategy and roadmap to align with their goals. Focusing on PR with a measurable difference, I love to combine traditional PR with the SEO impact of Digital PR, to improve both clients’ keyword ranking and brand awareness. In […]

As a PR & Content Executive, I craft creative, engaging, and relevant content for our range of clients which encapsulates the essence of each brand to elevate their brand reach, working closely with clients and various media outlets. I have a master’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations Management, and I am passionate about both […]

I ensure that our clients’ brand stays in the forefront of the public’s mind with the use of appealing and informative content to elevate our clients’ brand and achieve media coverage. I have a degree in Journalism & Creative Writing and have experience with a range of different clients. In my spare time, I love […]