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Organic Social Is Dead ?



Back in 1997, the world was introduced to its first Social Media platform, SixDegrees (not Myspace. Sorry, Tom).

Fast forward 25 years, and there are 100’s of platforms. Each one provides a unique experience for the user. Globally, more than 4.6 Billion people are using Social Media. This number positions Organic Social as an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. As well as reach, its true strength comes from its unique positioning to allow two-way communication between your business and your customers.

However, it is a saturated channel. Your competitors are producing content and fighting for the attention of your customers. It is also incredibly fast-moving, with ever-changing algorithms, preferences and audiences. This competitiveness and seemingly ever-changing goalposts has made someone question whether the challenge is worth it.

So it begs the question. Is Organic Social Dead?

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