Improved UX = Improved Conversions

    In 1993 Don Norman coined the term “User Experience” for his group at Apple Computer. With the advent of the internet, the whole process for purchasing anything (in particular for Don – Software), was turned upside down. No longer was the purchase of a product the first step in evaluating it. Users now wanted to know everything about a product, service or company before they committed to a purchase. UX encompasses 6 key pillars to which we’ll evaluate your website against. Critically, we’ll help you establish the possible routes a user might take around your site and what challenges they could face in obtaining a heuristic view of the products, services or your brand on a whole.

    How can I improve my website experience?

    Firstly, we’ll evaluate the competition. We’ll look at best-in-class websites in similar industries to highlight features and structure that could benefit your visitors. Many leading companies are investing in UX even more, so they’ll have done much of the hard work in establishing some key concepts. Secondly we’ll evaluate your site against a checklist of 200+ ‘points’ to which we’re able to gauge how many accepted concepts and consistencies have been addressed with actionable recommendations for improving your conversion rate. Lastly we’ll help you set up the tools you’ll need to monitor and assess the performance of any changes we’ve helped you implement.

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