In our world and yours, perception is everything.

We share common ground; Digital Ethos working in the Online World, and yourselves working in the Technology/Software ecosphere. They are two industries extremely closely aligned, and ones in which from a perception perspective, every fibre within our companies directly reflects the products/services we provide.

Should your telephony system not be correctly configured, should your email footers not be structured perfectly, should our office’s spaces not be layered with glass walls and 42” monitors, in our industries more than any other, will be judged. For right or for wrong, customers make direct correlations between elements of our businesses that should seemingly have no impact on the software and services we provide, but they do.

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Whilst understandably in our industry, you too will be judged by the quality of your website more than any other element of your business. From a coding and development perspective, it’s easy for Joe Average to assume that if your WordPress website isn’t up to scratch, then neither is your Java application. Whilst we know that isn’t the case, perception is everything. And it’s fundamentally important that your website accurately reflects your technology company’s standards.

From there, not only will you have a site that strengthens your brand, but also you will have the platform required for Digital marketing success. This will give you your own in-house lead generation tool that requires no kickback in referral fees.

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As an SEO Agency Digital Ethos can help improve your organic visibility in search engines for Software & Technology related keywords in your area. We only work with one company in each area so get in touch today to start driving more leads to your website with our Software & Technology SEO services.

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