The way in which parents search for Nurseries has changed.

Research has shown that the way in which parents find a new nursery for their children has changed. In days gone past, a recommendation from a close neighbour or friend was all that was necessary to give parents the assurance they needed in trusting a nursery with the nurturing of their child.

Nurseries are now however dealing with a different mould of parent. They are parents who have grown up in the digital age, parents that will use TripAdvisor to find a new restaurant instead of seeking the recommendations of their peers. This trend however hasn’t limited itself to “Where to go for dinner on Friday night”, but has extended across all areas of life. With the infinite amount of information available to them at their fingertips, parents will conduct vast amounts of research especially when it comes down to something as important as the future of their child.

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What does this mean for the Education Industry?

Quite simply, it means that it is vital for day nurseries to have an online presence if they are to succeed in the Digital Landscape. Online directory and industry website have stated that, according to their calculations, nurseries with an enhance search engine optimisation (SEO) package, receive on average two to three times as much website traffic as nurseries with basic packages.

Director, Davina Ludlow said: “It’s never been more important for Nurseries to embrace digital marketing as an excellent channel to promote their nurseries. Our website, for example, has received a year on year increase in traffic since launch with parents opting to “go online” to research and select the ideal nursery for their child.”

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