Public Sector.

For the public sector, the introduction of the Education Reform act in 1988 focused on providing more choice to parents and children in regard to which school they attended. The hope was that if a school wasn’t guaranteed to fill its quota, they would have to raise their standards in order to compete.

This increased competition has meant that schools have needed to act more like brands and businesses, adopting new marketing strategies in order to attract prospective students. With the Dedicated School Grant awarding money on a per-pupil basis, the under-subscription of students in any particular year could have a drastic impact on a school’s ability to invest keep afloat. In London for example, that could equate to roughly £8,000 per pupil!

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Private Schools.

For private schools, not much has changed in this sense. Competition has always been fierce, however the way in which private schools market themselves and their services to parents has changed drastically. With the increase in globalisation, a private school cannot simply guarantee a child will be coming to their school simply because their parents did for example, it’s likely that the majority of parents didn’t even grow up in your local area! It has also changed the way in which private schools attract the more lucrative international & boarding students.

With distance, already not being a problem for these students, it has meant that competition has increased further, and due to the distance, itself it is almost 100% likely that the parents are conducting their research online.

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