How has construction changed from a Marketing perspective?

The construction industry in the UK has changed forever, and naturally, it has meant the way in which people look for the companies within it has changed also. With the vast majority of new buildings now being built by the major construction companies, it’s less likely that the average person will know of a friend who owns a construction company. This has meant that the ability to receive a referral has grown ever more difficult. There are now fewer than 3000 housebuilding companies registered with the National House building council, compared to a peak of 12,000 in the late 1980’s.

There has also been a change in terms of the demographic that are now seeking out construction companies. Millennials, being the product of Google & TripAdvisor, no longer ask for recommendations from friends, but head online to conduct their research for any services they require.

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What does this mean for my construction company?

With this shift in how people go about finding a construction company, as with many other industries, it’s now deemed necessary to have an online presence to succeed in the Digital Landscape. The opportunity to exploit these digital creative marketing strategies has not faded, and arguably there has never been a better time to capitalise. With the nature of the business and the high average order value, it might only take one new job to take care of your digital marketing budget for the entire year!

Although this can, however, be daunting for those business owners that find themselves in unfamiliar territories, once you’ve got your head around the basic concepts, as with anything the rest falls into place. And with the help and experience Digital Ethos have by their side, you’ll know you’re in the best possible company to dominate digitally.

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