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Today’s car shoppers do most of their research online before they even step into a dealership showroom, whether they are looking to buy a new car or fix up with spare parts.

Our SEO for Car Dealers service can take your website to the next level by ranking you higher in search engines. 60 percent of all search engine clicks go to the first three results, that’s why local SEO and national SEO is so important for car dealers.

Digital Ethos use proven automotive SEO marketing techniques that will help you outrank your competition in search engines like Google. Each of our campaigns is tailored around your car dealership location so we are able to provide excellent ROI and results for your website.

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SEO for Car Dealers.

Essentially, a car dealer is like three businesses in one: they sell new cars, used cars, AND offer vehicle repair services. This means your search engine optimisation strategy must also be multi-faceted, too.

You might be the best auto dealership in town, but if nobody knows that you exist, you won’t attract new customers or close sales. That’s why it’s increasingly important for car dealerships to be visible on the major search engines such as Google.

When more people are aware of your brand, not only will your car dealership be top of mind for when they need to purchase a car, but the word of your dealership will also spread through word of mouth.

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Our automotive
SEO strategy.


Creating Online Relevance.

The first step we take is to work on the topical relevance of your website. Potential customers are looking for information on the types of cars you sell.

We can create guides on each of the car manufactures you offer your customers. This will also help increase engagement on your website.

By expanding the content and number of pages on your website we can increase your relevance in the eyes of search engines and rank each service page for potential customers to find.

Along with targeting each service you offer we can also target each location you serve by creating additional content and pages within your site.


On-Site Optimisation for Search Engines.

After we have carefully crafted your service and location pages the next step is to optimise each of these pages for search engines. The aspects we optimise on each page include: title tags, heading tags. Alt text for your images, anchor text and optimisation of your site map.

Both humans and search engines alike love fresh, quality content. And people will be more likely to want to find out more information about your dealership after coming across helpful content you published online. The way SEO helps you to target more specific traffic is with the use of long-tail keywords, which are ultra specific. These would be keywords like “Honda accords in [your city],” or “2011 white jeep patriot”


Creating Trust.

Once the pages have been built and the on page SEO optimisation is completed, the next step in our Auto Dealer marketing process Is to create trust. Search engines such as Google look at a number of trust factors.

For your automotive website the first step in creating local trust is to create citations. A citation is when another website mentions your Business name, address and phone number. An example of this is local online directories. Each citation needs to be accurate and kept up to date.

As well as creating citations we will also build trust to your car dealer website by building social signals, optimising your business map listing and authoritative back links.


Creating Authority.

One of the most important ranking factors for search engines is having quality inbound links to your website as well as internal links between pages.

The greater number of high quality links you have pointing to your car dealership website the more of an authority you will be seen as. We create complex sitemaps that are internally linked, so all the link juice can flow through your site.

SEO isn’t a one-time task. It’s an ongoing process in which you continually strive to boost search engine rankings, and it requires time and dedication to do it properly.

Automotive marketing.
How to get started.

As an SEO Agency Digital Ethos can help improve your organic visibility in search engines for the automotive related keywords in your area. We only work with one company in each area so get in touch today to start driving more leads to your website with our Automotive SEO services.

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