Leicester based, contemporary footwear and clothing retailer wellgosh partnered with Digital Ethos for paid media. Discover the strategies we used that resulted in a 238% increase in new customers.

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137% YoY Increase in revenue from paid media
131% YoY Increase in transactions from paid media
238% Increase in new customers from paid media

The Client.

Wellgosh are a Leicester based retailer of premium contemporary footwear and clothing. They are one of a handful of companies to receive the latest exclusive releases from brands such as Nike, Adidas and Yeezy.

The Challenge.

Releases form a large part of Wellgosh’s business and pretty much sell themselves. It was therefore our mission to increase sales volumes on all of their other ranges.

After teaming up with other digital marketing agencies and even dabbling with Google Ads automation software, Wellgosh decided to join forces with us.

The Approach.

As all good digital marketing strategies must, we began the process with a thorough audit of the website, their competitors and the industry to identify how we could improve upon existing campaigns and build upon them.

It quickly became apparent that Google Shopping & Bing Shopping were going to be pivotal in scaling sales volume. For us to properly utilise this tool, we first had to optimise the product feed using our feed optimisation tool.

We also wanted to make use of our Comparison Shopping Service Partner to allow us to receive up to a 20% discount on product clicks (note: this applies to the SERPS page only).

The next step was to properly segment their campaigns so that we were spending the largest amount of their budget on branded terms such as “nike air max 95” or “adidas yeezy 500”. From our research, we learnt that the Return On Ad Spend was much higher for branded terms than generic terms such as “mens white trainers” or “mens red tshirt”.

To segment the campaigns, we used a complex combination of campaign settings, audiences and negative keyword lists which ensured that we could quickly scale ad spend and revenue without risking a reduction in ROAS.

We also utilised search campaigns and display campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement with target audiences, build brand awareness and drive further revenue.

The Result.

  • 137% YoY Increase in revenue from paid media
  • 131% YoY Increase in transactions from paid media
  • 238% YoY Increase in new customers from paid media

All results are a comparison of the date ranges 01-Jan-2019 – 31-Dec-2019 vs 01-Jan-2018 – 31-Dec-2018.

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