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358%Increase in website impressions
67%Increase in organic traffic
13%Increase in organic conversion rate
Page 1In rankings for 5 most competitive keywords

The Client.

StaffCircle is a global B2B performance management software. In an increasingly remote working world, having full visibility over a team’s progress, engagement levels and workflows matters more than ever – so the pressure was on.

StaffCircle first approached Digital Ethos with the main objective of increasing marketing qualified leads across the UK and USA, with the view to expand into English speaking European countries thereafter.

The Challenge.

The first hurdle was to fix the look, feel and content on the website. The historical content didn’t communicate the brand mission or values and the existing marketing campaigns were driving low quality leads.

The long-term goal after the initial website build project was to attract new, high quality leads. StaffCircle wanted to optimise their ads for greater ROI — decreasing ad spend while still generating more qualified leads. They also wanted to start seeing a return on investment across the new marketing channels, SEO, Email & PR.

The Approach.

Digital Ethos’ approach was to initially rebuild the website, adding a new branding, content, call to actions and resources.

Once the foundations we’re in place, the strategy was to build an omni-channel strategy that echoed a consistent message across each channel. We split the campaign into two core calendars, one for the UK and one for the USA, with in-depth research supporting each campaign.

The ad copy captured attention based on growing search trends in the HR industry, those users were then drawn to the useful and relevant content on the landing page and then later nurtured through a customised email funnel. The PR campaign carried a consistent message, showcasing new customers, platform updates, investment and collaborations.

Digital Ethos worked closely with StaffCircle to determine what lead would provide optimal down-funnel performance. We then identified the most cost-efficient audience segments and created messaging, content and assets specifically to appeal to them. Using our ‘best of test’ methodology, we continued to optimise the ads, targeting and wider campaign efforts.

The Result.


  • 358% Increase in website impressions (from Google Search Console)
  • 67% Increase in organic traffic (from Google Analytics)
  • 13% Increase in organic conversion rate
  • Page 1 In rankings for 5 most competitive keywords (Including ‘performance management software’ in the UK and USA


  • 37% Decreased StaffCircles cost per lead by 37% year-over-year on paid ads (Not only did StaffCircle reduce their ad spend for the same number of leads, their lead quality was increased, meaning more customers for less money.)
  • 16% Improved conversion rate


  • 11% Improved open rate
  • 7% Improved click through rate
  • 57% Improved conversion rate


  • A PR campaign using a nationwide survey highlighted the lack of HR tools being used in remote working found that over 50% were guilty of exactly that. Coverage appeared in Yahoo, HR Toolbox and Employer News.

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