M&S Opticians.

M&S Opticians were looking for an agency that could support them in entering a new market and their ambitious growth plans. Discover how we did it.


73%Increase in conversions YoY
320 Keywords in positions 1-3 on Google search
44.53% Increase in organic traffic YoY

The Client

As new entrants into the market through a partnership with Owl Optical, M&S opticians wanted to expand their omnichannel experience and capture the imaginations of their audience. 

The Challenge.

M&S opticians were looking for an agency that could support them in entering a new market and with their ambitious growth plans for 2022 and beyond. These plans included launching a new physical store every week in locations across the UK and seeing an increase in the e-commerce side of their business. As such, they needed a strategy that understood both national and local digital marketing to leverage this rapid growth and turn it into online appointment bookings.

The Approach.

The campaign with M&S opticians focused on two key disciplines: PPC and SEO. For SEO, the strategy revolved around increasing their organic rankings, providing useful information and, most importantly, offering a valuable user experience. This includes:

  • Competitor research.
  • Keyword research to pull out the key areas of focus.
  • Content optimisation to ensure the pages for their products follow best SEO Practices and meet customer needs.
  • Providing new blog content and ideas to capture the long tail and question-based variations.
  • Technical SEO, ensuring tracking is working as it should, and everything is being measured for success.
  • Landing pages are built with conversions in mind. When paired with our PPC channel, the pages being created are leading people down the funnel.

For PPC, we had a dual focus. Increasing online appointment bookings and increased e-commerce purchases. For appointments, we set up localised search campaigns just focusing on those people searching for eye or hearing tests in areas where a new store had or is opening soon. We also implemented a performance max campaign to truly optimise the opportunities.

M&S Opticians

The Result.

4606 Ranking keywords vs 2141 the previous year
320 Keywords ranking on Page 1
82% Increase in goal conversions
22% conversion rate
44.53% increase in Organic traffic YoY

73% Increase in conversion compared to the previous 6 months
40,000+ Ad Clicks

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