Well established in the USA, it was time to tap into the UK market with a .co.uk version of the website. We scaled their SEO & PPC campaigns from the ground up, tripling their leads in just 4 weeks!


200Marketing qualified leads in just 8 weeks
100Sales qualified leads - that's a 50% conversion rate!

The Client.

KlearNow is the first customs clearance platform. The software documents and manages the entire customs clearance process, built for importers, exporters, customs agents / brokers, freight forwarders and hauliers.

The Challenge.

KlearNow first approached Digital Ethos ahead of Brexit, they knew that demand would boom, and they needed to be visible to the right audience.

The Approach.

Digital Ethos started the campaign with an international SEO audit, understanding how each TLD was ranking in their local country.

Once we had a good understanding of different local intent, we carried out a user experience audit and implemented new designs, bringing each audience a unique experience based on their search demands. We continue to work with KlearNow producing content and expanding out their ‘resource centre’.

We launched multiple PPC campaigns across the UK and Europe, giving KlearNow instant exposure with the keywords that would drive ROI.

We continue to optimise the ad groups, A/B testing different headlines and call to actions to test which resonates best with that local audience.

The Result.

Over the past 8 weeks, Digital Ethos have marketing qualified leads, of which, KlearNow have converted over 100 of those into paying customers. A very quick and effective start to the campaigns.

  • 200 Marketing qualified leads
  • 100 Of those into paying customers

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