COSAC were looking for a Marketing partner To help them continue to dominate the digital landscape


The Client.

COSAC is a Cheshire-based training academy specialising in the delivery of online courses and compliance training. They developed Site2Site – recognised and approved by CSCS as an alternative training course for the Green Labourer Card, making them the first company to provide this service. They approached Digital Ethos with the aim of obtaining a better ROI from their digital marketing channels.

The Challenge.

Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, online training courses had surged in popularity, which saw new entrants to the market and made the online training industry much more competitive. COSAC needed a robust strategy designed to help them continue to remain at the top and crucially sell more of their core CSCS green card training programmes. 

While they had previously worked with another marketing agency, they had concerns over the  attention to detail and transparency of performance reporting. So, COSAC turned to Digital Ethos for the creation and activation of a solid marketing strategy that would help them to achieve their ambitious goals and remain competitive in the market.

The Approach.

COSAC wanted to feature prominently through paid ads and rank higher through organic search.  Digital Ethos’ initial approach was to review the existing website and highlight any user experience improvements which could have a positive impact on conversions. Once this had been addressed we looked to the marketing strategy.

The new digital funnel strategy was devised to refresh the brand’s organic presence and encourage higher conversion rates by implementing SEO, PPC and email marketing campaigns to potential customers, resulting in multiple touch points with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

SEO focuses on driving quality traffic who are in a position on their journey to convert. To achieve this, we performed an analysis of competitors and buyer personas to understand what content would not only rank on the search engines, but drive traffic through the funnel.

From a PPC perspective, we wanted to maintain competitiveness while maintaining budgets, again the goal ultimately is conversions, with the strategy working in conjunction with the persona work form our SEO strategy. Through retargeting we were able to ensure that COSAC remained front of mind during the early phases of the conversion funnel.


Through this combination of deliverables, we can help COSAC achieve higher site traffic and increase conversions that lead to purchases of their CSCS training courses.

The Result.

We continue to work closely alongside COSAC on their marketing strategies, to drive monthly increases in conversions and site traffic at a competitive Cost Per Acquisition and positive Return on Ad Spend, delivering real world business goals that deliver real value.

Though still early, we are helping COSAC achieve their business goal of selling 700+ training courses each month.

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