Bike Rental Manager.

With an international client base, scaling this successful campaign meant being agile, responsive and creative. Defying the seasonal tide, we grew their SEO presence, scaled their PPC campaigns and reached new customers across paid Social Media.


The Client.

Bike Rental Manager is a B2B bike rental software, allowing rental businesses to cut their admin and maintenance costs in half with an all in one platform.

The Challenge.

The crowdcube software company approached Digital Ethos for experienced guidance across all aspects of Digital Marketing. Having executed marketing functions in-house for a number of years, it was time for Bike Rental Manager to invest in a clear strategy to scale their digital presence and remain competitive.

The Approach.

The team at Digital Ethos started by executing a digital marketing workshop, gaining a clear understanding of their market positioning, target audience, growth plans, pain points and wins. This was followed by an in-depth audit of their existing channels, understanding what was working well and what wasnt. This entire process allowed us to create clear KPIs and projections across specific metrics for each channel.

It’s not often said with SEO, but less is sometimes more and this certainly was the case for Bike Rental Manager. With a cluttered sitemap (indexed, nonindexed, ghost and canonicals), we started the campaign by tidying up the structure. By removing unnecessary landing pages with little value, we were able to increase their crawl budget, allowing the more important pages to be indexed sooner. The SEO strategy is heavily focussed on content and user experience. The sfotware that Bike Rental Manager provides is complex, however the messaging used to communicate it’s features needs to be simple and concise. In order to tackle sseaonal fluctuations, the SEO strategy also needed to focus on optimising landing pages for ‘non-bike’ terms, allowing them to gain rankings and traction during quiet periods.

The PPC strategy followed a traditional search campaign structure of brand, competitor and discovery ad groups. Closely aligned withh the SEO strategy, the paid search campaigns allowed us to gain exposure for the more competitive terms whilst the rankings improved.

Digital PR allowed us to showcase the platform’s key features and customers, as well as communicating their business growth as a crowdfunded startup.

The organic and paid social media strategies compliment each other, by rotating through core content themes across all channels, we’re able to execute a consistnetn omnichannel marketing strategy. A large part of the social media strategy has been focussed on gaining exposure and reaching new audiences. With targetted messaging at different levels of the funnel, we’re able to communicate specific calls to actions that are most relvent to each audience group.

The Result.

We continue to work closely with Bike Rental Manager and are still very early in our digital marketing strategy, with some brilliant results so far:

  • X3 pieces of national news coverage online with an average readership of over 1.3million
  • 21.6% increase in daily website impressions
  • 29% increase in organic traffic
  • 172% increase in social traffic
  • 10% reduction in overall bounce rate

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