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Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing Career As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer a whole range of services. Clients approach Digital Ethos for the delivery and management of digital marketing campaigns, as well as support with specific elements of their existing digital marketing strategies. Our services range from organic search engine optimisation, branding and social media marketing…


Hostmaker and Digital Ethos Collaboration – International SEO and Content Marketing

How Are Digital Ethos Supporting Hostmaker? Previously Hostmaker managed their online marketing in-house, but due to their rapid expansion and ongoing success, they have reached out for support externally from a digital marketing agency. Hostmaker first approached Digital Ethos to support their corporate growth on a global scale, focusing on international Search Engine Optimisation and…

Barnsley working space Digital Agency logo design

Barnsley Marketing Expert Reveals Favourite Logo Designs

There are so many incredible examples of creative brand identity and logo designs, but why is it more important than ever in 2018?   Brand Identity and Logo Design Branding is a comprehensive subject that should not be considered lightly. Branding helps create a perceived emotional image, shaping your audience’s perceptions and feelings towards the…

Key Performance Indicators Metrics for Digital Marketing KPIs

Marketing KPIs – The Metrics That Matter For Tracking Performance

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)? KPI’s are used as indicators of success, often a quantifiable measure allowing you to track the progress of long and short-term objectives.  Managers, stakeholders, departments and organisations use KPI’s at different levels to demonstrate and measure the value of success. For example, high-level KPI’s may focus on overall business…