Place your app in the hands of the world.

At Digital Ethos, not only will we help you plan, design, scope & build a world class application, but we will lend you our vast experience in getting your app to market.


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Creative app design and development.

Place your app in the hands of the world. At Digital Ethos, not only will we help you plan, design, scope & build a world class application, but we will lend you our vast experience in getting your app to market.


Need an app for you business?
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It all starts with an idea

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing online platform, or whether you’ve struck up the next billion-dollar business idea over a drink with your friends, knowing where and how to start the process of transforming dreams to code can be a difficult transition.

Depending where you’re at in the process, you might have a the entire app built in your head but just don’t know how to put pen to paper. Otherwise, you might have a solid concept but need help expanding the features & functionality elements that will be crucial to the app’s success. Either way, one of the most difficult stages of app development can be transforming your ideas in to a language that developers will understand.

This is where Digital Ethos come in. We have years of experience in not only “translating” pipedreams in to code, but also consulting on everything from design, to features & functionality, and most importantly constructing an industry relevant go-to-market strategy that will place your app on the home-screen of smartphones over the globe. We work with iOS, Android & Windows platforms, so no matter what you need, we’ve got it covered.

Where do we begin?

Well that all depends on where you’re at. Before a developer begins work, you’re likely at one of the following two stages in the process:


You’ve established a gap in the market, a better way to do what’s already being done. But you need help in building up your concept to a place whereby you have a solid application that has legs.

What features & functionality are going to add value to your users? What competition already exists in the market? What are they not doing that we can expand upon to give you the market-share?

And more importantly, is your app viable? We’re not in the business of crushing dreams, however from a moral standpoint we feel it’s unfair to continue in a process of building an application for you that is deemed a non-starter. Whilst we may live to regret such a decision, we commit to investing our passion in to your business, and we feel that it would be wrong of us to embark on something we don’t believe in, even if we get paid at the end of the day.

Trust in us to evaluate your concept with a free consultation. We’ll be blunt, we’ll be honest, and if you’ve got a great idea, only then will be ask you to allow us to help you take your concept to the next stage…

Putting Pen to Paper

You’ve reached the point whereby you have a full understanding of exactly how you want your application to work and how you intend on it benefitting your users. Just like building your dream house, you’ll need help in translating these intentions to those who are going to be doing the building. This is where the scope phase comes in.

Citing the building analogy again, this is where you need an architect to consult on exactly what is possible and transform your ideas in to a language the developers will understand. How will the app navigate between pages? How will it connect with the servers? How will your database work? What API’s will you need to connect with to achieve your user experience?

It’s all these questions that the developer will need to have instructed to them so that they can go away and turn your dreams in to reality. We will produce an entire scope that will be the blueprint for V1 of your app. Once this is produced, things start getting exciting!

Great, so what’s next?

This is where the fun starts! Your scope will be presented to our expert App development team, at this point they’ll consult on any final changes that should be made from a technical perspective before work begins.

An important thing to remember, is that app development works in stages (versions). The V1 version of the app, also known as the “Minimal Viable Product” when complete, will give you a strong idea of how your app will look & feel, imagine it as laying the foundations and building the shell of the house. You’ll be able to download the app to your phone and get a feel for how it works. You’ll likely find that after this point you’ll have additional ideas around features, functionality, and user experience that require further development.

The app will be re-scoped to incorporate these changes and allow us to build V2 of the app which will give a far more thorough representation of how the app is going to work. It is likely that after this point, V3, V4, V5 and so on will follow. These versions will however be ever so slight changes to refine the app ready for go-to-market.


As some would believe, unfortunately successfully launching an app isn’t as simple as posting it on the various app marketplaces. With thousands of new apps being built every single day, it’s completely unrealistic to expect your app to organically increase in user count & profile.

The key is in producing a go-to-market strategy to deliver your app in to smartphones & tablets around the world. It’s where we differ ourselves, rather than parting ways after delivering your shiny new app, we assist with arguably the most difficult part of the process.

Let’s get going

Come and speak to us today about designing, delivering and marketing your web application. We’re here to help from start to finish.

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