How a Loughborough SEO Agency Can Grow Your Small Business

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22nd November, 2018

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In this increasingly digital age, getting your business and your brand out digitally is essential for all industries and businesses. You may assume your small business won’t benefit from an SEO Agency in Loughborough. However every sized business can benefit, ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses.

Matt Hall is Loughborough personal trainer, where maybe SEO isn’t the first obvious choice to help him. However, he has been a client for Digital Ethos for over two years and is a great example of the success of SEO when it comes to growing your brand. He’s a great example of how SEO can bring positive results to smaller businesses in any industry.

We invited Matt into Digital Ethos HQ last week to discuss his SEO expectations and his experience working with us. Check out the full video here, or see the snippets on our Instagram.

Initial SEO Expectations

Often times a client will come in and want to design a new website, advertising their expertise and authenticity. Website design is absolutely paramount now, potential customers either won’t trust your credentials or just won’t have the patience to try and figure out a poorly designed website.

SEO comes into play with website creation and bad design will hurt your rankings. Your site will rank poorly if it has a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is when someone immediately leaves your website after clicking. This is often due to poor and unfriendly web design. This causes a negative knock on effect to SEO called “pogo sticking.”

We helped Matt create a clean and professional website, where users could easily see Matts obvious expertise and be able to easily contact him. Creating a friendly user experience encourages repeat visits. Conversions are significantly more likely to occur on repeat visits.

However, many come in expecting their site to be easily found across an increasingly crowded internet. This is becoming more challenging not just year by year, but month by month with the competitiveness of digital spaces.

This is where SEO comes in and where we can help you understand what it takes to stand out from the competition. You can have a fantastic looking website, but if it isn’t ranking well on search engines, then it is all for nothing. Therefore we not only help you create a great looking website, we also make sure the right people have their eyes on you.


Results of local SEO in Loughborough 

SEO doesn’t just stop when the website rolls out. Continual work after website creation is essential for ranking for that first page. Properly implemented SEO techniques can make huge differences with driving up traffic.

After the construction of the website, SEO needs to come into play. Local SEO in Loughborough really helped Matt with generating traffic. 50% of local mobile searches and 34% of desktop local searches lead to a store visit in one day. This highlights the potential of SEO focusing on Loughborough. This keeps his business healthy with a constant stream of relevant potential clients.

With Matt, the success came from ranking top for the relevant search term ‘personal trainer Loughborough area.’ This makes a massive difference for him with traffic and client contact. This versus some of his competitors in the Loughborough area not ranking for the first page puts him at a massive advantage. A massive 95% of web traffic goes to only the first page.

Not only does he feature on the first page, but he features at the top of a SERP feature. This is a feature google uses to show you information related to your query. This is a local pack which is based on location. It shows the location,ratings and contact information. This will really help drive up his traffic and conversions through increased visibility. More visibility leads to more traffic and an increase in SEO through organic searches.

Is local SEO cost effective in Loughborough?

Many think SEO might not be cost effective for their local businesses. SEO works just as well for local business as well as larger ones. For Matt it was worth the money as he was receiving constant traffic and inquiries from Loughborough. He easily made his money back on his investment through clients.

SEO leads to long term success of your website and services. Many are tempted to just go for paid advertisements, or pay per click. Using pay per click has a great success rate for the short term, but SEO will allow you to succeed in the long term. It is a clear investment to ensure your businesses long term success.

How We Support Your Loughborough Business with SEO

With all these rules and tricks to ranking for SEO, getting started can seem daunting. We provide comprehensive support for every step on your digital journey. Keeping our clients in the know with what’s happening through frequent and transparent communications.

We understand that SEO is oftentimes new for our clients. We will always take the time to answer any queries and provide you with extra knowledge to help you understand the process. Using the platform basecamp, every step is documented for you to keep track of. This allows flexibility to tinker anything to suit your business as well as just being clued in on exactly how it’s going.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a constantly changing business which makes expertise important. Everyone at Digital Ethos is frequently trained on the latest trends in SEO. We attend the latest conferences and undertake the latest courses.

What can your Loughborough Business do to improve it’s SEO?

There many small things you and your business can do to improve your SEO on your website to give you an edge.

  • Think about what the searcher wants and use appropriate keywords
  • Optimise page content
  • Rich and relevant content
  • Build relevant links
  • Optimised titles and meta descriptions

At Digital Ethos, we support businesses of any size with online marketing and web development. If you need support, consultative advice or a full service digital marketing campaign contact us today. Our in house team of experts know all the ins and outs of SEO.

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