Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Whether you’re looking at a logo, a keyring, a binder, a poster or even a mousemat, somewhere along the line an identity has been made and a business has decided on such an identity, and the biggest asset to any businss is good graphic design.

At Digital Ethos, we don’t just develop for our clients, we design for them too, and whether thats a brief of “make me something like this…” or “we like green and white…” – we possess the ability and experience to turn your idea (no matter how vague) into a fully fledged business identity.

Our in house graphic design team have experience that totals a time when the only designing you could do was with a charcoal stick and a 12×12 canvas, so you can live safe in the knowledge that we have the ethos and substance to back up our claims of being a one stop shop for all of your graphic design needs, including:

Logo Design

A logo is the key aspect to any business, whether this then transfers to other media is irrelevant. The most relevant aspect to a logo is the fact it is what represents you, it’s what people remember you the most by and whether its a simple text logo like Google or a more elaborate design, a good logo is what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Editorial Design

A good editorial design isn’t just capturing people with wording or fancy phrases, its a well laid out thoughtful design which appeals to your target audience. Think less technical ability and more experience (albeit hand in hand is preferable!). Some of the best editorials in the world are exactly that; the best because they know more (like us!) than just filling out a Microsoft Word template.

Web Design

Aside from website developing, a lot of our work comes from simply designing a website, or indeed banners for inside a website, advertising spaces, twitter banners, etc. The base of this is knowing how to design, what looks good but also a combined knowledge with web standards as well; knowing what will work and how it will work are paramount to a good web design.

Mobile App Design

So you have an app you want to build, you know how it should work and you’re absolutely certain it will be a huge success, but you can’t get it to look right or if you can, it just doesn’t do it justice. At least 90% of our clients who ask us to develop a mobile app have been through the same process. Developing an application is one thing, designing is another, we do both – and do it well.

Illustrator Design

Being a good illustrator used to mean being able to design a drawing for a novel, or a comic. In today’s age, its one of the most up and coming areas of graphic design, with professionals requiring illustrations for all range of tasks from powerpoints to a corporate sales flier. Logo design is also something done in illustrator, meaning your design will look as crisp on a flier as it will a billboard.

Corporate Design

Corporate design, where you need to be able to develop strategies, digital products, print elements, logo designs, identity manuals and more. This is definitely one of the nicest areas where a graphic designer can work; you need to have good communication skills, a good understanding of the client’s needs and the ability of conveying an idea through the image.

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