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17th May, 2017


Google Adword Extensions – Complete Guide 2017

What if your Ads could stand out from your competition and you could improve click through rate in your AdWords Campaigns AND have a positive effect on your Quality Score? AdWords Ad Extensions let’s you acheive all of this!

What is an Ad Extension Anyway?

Ad extensions allow you to show extra information to your potential customers about your business. They provide the opportunity to add more information to your ad than the basic headline, URL, and ad copy you’re traditionally able to use.

This extra information helps your ad to stand out and get clicked, which in turn will lower your cost per click and in many cases improve conversion rates. This additional prominence gives you improved visibility and added value. Therefore, if you’re looking to boost your paid search performance you should be utilising Ad Extensions. Not only are they easy for businesses to implement, they are displayed at no additional cost.

Ad extensions that are currently available to all advertisers include:

• Sitelinks
• Callout extensions
• Structured snippets
• Call extensions
• Message extensions
• Location extensions
• Review extensions
• Price extensions
• App extensions
• Affiliate location extensions

Within your Adwords account, you may only use a handful of these extensions, depending on your industry. Within every account, you should be utilising sitelinks, callouts, call and review extensions. These can be applied to almost every industry.

How much do ad extensions cost?

Ad extensions do not add any additional cost to your campaign. Google say that on average extensions can increase your CTR by 15%. Ad extensions can increase your quality score, which in turn decreases your cost per click. Therefore, a lot of the time, once you’ve optimised your ads with ad extensions, you can see the cost decrease.

According to Google, “The Ad Rank for your ads with extensions is adjusted for the expected impact of ad extensions and other ad formats by taking into account the relevance, click-through rates, and the prominence of your extensions. The more prominence your ad receives, the more impact ad extensions will have on your Ad Rank”.

When and where can extensions be shown?

Depending on the position of your ad on the Google search results page will depend on whether Google shows your extensions or not. Due to the limited amount of space available above Google’s organic search results for ad extensions, and ads in higher positions get the first opportunity to use this space for extensions. For example, an ad that is in top position gets the opportunity to show all their extensions, whereas ads in fourth position may only highlight 1 or 2 of the extensions they’ve asked Google to utilise. In the below example, you can see that as we go down the paid for listings, the amount of ad space decreases:

There’s a limit to the number of extensions each of the lower positions may receive, and in general, you won’t be able to get more prominence from ad extensions than you would from moving up an ad position.

Where can I add extensions into my campaign?

From your AdWords Dashboard Select the campaign or ad group you would like to add your extensions to. Ad extensions can be added at the campaign or ad group levels however, they are only available for Search Network Only and Search with Display Select Text Ads.
1. Select the Ad Extensions tab
2. Click the View: drop-down menu

3. Select the extension you’d like to add, type in the additional information and your extensions should be approved within 24 hours. Usually, this process is much shorter than 24 hours.

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