Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2019

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18th November, 2018

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As the Internet and mobile technology continue to advance at an unprecedented rate, there are now more opportunities than ever before to connect and engage with the digital world. Digital Marketing Trends are evolving faster than ever.

After all, over the years, the rise of digital technology has undoubtedly changed the way that brands communicate. Today, social media platforms, websites, video content, SMS and blog posts are just some of the ways that businesses are raising awareness of their brands.

However, as the digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving, it’s vital to recognise the importance of remaining in tune with the latest digital marketing trends.

We wanted to update our readers on a few digital marketing trends you need to know about in 2019.

Live Video

“The range of digital channels and devices provides marketing agencies with opportunities to reach customers in more creative ways.”

Today’s customer journey isn’t as simple as it used to be, it often spans across multiple channels, devices and sessions. For example, your customer might watch your brands latest video on Instagram whilst eating lunch, then later log onto their desktop at work, then go back to their phone as they commute home, they may be reminded of your brand whilst they watch tv in the evening. This just shows how many opportunities there are to get your brand in front of your customer and capture their attention through visual marketing.

Video content is set to be huge in 2019, with more brands than ever before recognising the engagement benefits that come hand in hand with using video to give your customers an insight into their business.

It is more important that ever to create media and share insights that quickly answer your customers queries. Your digital marketing agency can take these solutions one step further, integrating creativity and data together to create tailored visual messaging – targeting your customers more directly.

Display & Video 360 provides digital marketing agencies with data and insights that allows them to build customized audience. They can use impressions,
clicks, conversions, or a combination of audience lists from different sources
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to specific audience interests.

Augmented Reality

Although augmented reality has been around for quite some time now, next year it is set to be the go to tool for effective product visualisation, especially for interior design and construction companies.

This is because augmented reality will allow customers to place an object such as furniture, interior décor, or other objects in their own living space using their smart phone, allowing them to gain an insight into how things will look and fit in their home.

Mobile Marketing

With many of us permanently attached to our smart phones, it’s no surprise that mobile marketing has continued to increase in popularity and 2019 is no exception, with geofencing set to be huge.

Geo-fencing uses RFID, Bluetooth and GPS technologies to send targeted messages to customers in a certain geographic location.


Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram has continued to take the world of social media by storm, presenting a whole host of opportunities to increase engagement.

And next year Instagram stories is a feature that is set to get even bigger, allowing brands to share 15 second posts in the form of videos or photos. This content will be available to view for 24 hours and can be used to share lots of different content including products, new concepts and ideas, polls, behind the scenes content or events.

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is quickly becoming the most talked about subject in digital marketing. On one side you have the technology enthusiasts; those that think it will transform every corner of the consumer landscape. On the other side are those that point and laugh at anyone seen to be ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ to talk about what they perceive as nothing more than a hype.

Voiced recognition devices such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant have continued to prove effective when it comes to helping brands to reach their target audience. More and more consumers are using these devices around the house and at work, with nearly 40% of users having a stationary device in their kitchen, closely followed by 35% of users with a device in their living room.

And in 2019, this unique way of reaching out to customers is set to be even bigger, with an estimated 5,000 people working on Alexa programming.

Check out our voice search services for more information and proactively approach your 2019 digital marketing strategies.

Above all… brands should continue to embrace all digital marketing platforms, especially when it comes to connecting and reaching out to new, existing and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here at Digital Ethos, we understand that we are the first generation to live in a truly digital age. It’s a great time to be alive- creating and sharing incredible things has never been easier. This principle carries through to business as well.

Digital Agencies play a vital role in making sure business of all sizes are kept up to date with the constantly changing digital landscape, however, Digital Ethos is different, we keep you one step ahead.

Whether its expertly rebranding your business, writing top-quality content or revolutionising your online presence through SEO and PPC, Digital Ethos is here to keep your business ahead in a fast-moving digital age.

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